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How To Prevent Covid Infection Among Children

Let’s see some of the tips to prevent the covid infection among children.

covid among children

With the new strain of COVID-19, the symptoms are also different from the previous one. Plus, the impact of this virus varies from person to person based on the age group he/she lies in. Although the vaccine is available, the current status of the covid vaccine for children is still in the testing phase. Only Pfizer has tested the covid vaccine for 12-16 years old children. Children below the age of 12 years are still not having any vaccine dose against covid. So, precautionary steps are the only solution left to avoid covid.

Let’s see some of the tips to prevent the COVID infection among children.

1. Follow the Basic Rule

Follow the preliminary steps such as wearing a mask, regular handwash and maintaining social distancing to avoid the spread of this virus. Teach your child the importance of these rules as they will act as a solid protective shield for your child against covid.

2. Include Citrus Fruit in the Diet

Since citrus food consists of multiple nutrients such as vitamin C, fibre, magnesium and copper, which strengthens the immune system, you must include citrus food such as oranges, gooseberry, lemon etc. in your child’s diet.

3. Regular Exercise

Do exercise in whatever form you like: Be it yoga, aerobics, Zumba or any other form of exercise. Also, teach some basic breathing yoga pranayama to your child. And make sure you are doing it regularly along with your child. Remember, consistency is the only key.

4. Stay Relax and Calm

Don’t panic due to night curfew and weekend lockdown. Stay relaxed and enjoy the time with your family. You can also try playing some fun activities such as scavenger hunt, chess, ludo, tombola etc., with your child to make this lockdown period fun and engaging. We have curated a list of indoor games for the kids to check out here.

5. Drink a Lot of Water

Water works wonders in detoxifying all the impurities from our body. So, make sure that your child drinks enough water throughout the day. To keep a check on the amount of water intake, give your child a water bottle and ask him to drink from it whenever felt thirsty.

6. Drink ‘Ayush Kadha’ for Strong Immunity

At least once a day, drink Ayush Kadha to build strong immunity, or you can either make it at home using prescribed ingredients. To give it a little flavour, add some jaggery and lemon into the kadha.

7. Stay Home

Avoid as much as you can going outside and travelling to different places. And try to stay home till the situation is ok. Especially playing in parks or playground is a complete no-no for the kids because nothing is more important than human life right now.

8. Prefer to Eat Homemade Food

Avoid outside food from the restaurants and streets as a preventive measure. Try to make food at home and prefer to eat the same.

9. Regularly Disinfect Table, Door and Other Regular Use Stuff at Home

Clean high-touch surfaces such as door handle, table, light switches and other regular use stuff at home. Also, regularly disinfect toys and playing area of your child to avoid the spread of any infection.

10. Take Proper Sleep

It is very important to take proper sleep of 7-8 hours. A night of good sleep not only makes you feel good from the inside but also boosts the immune system. So, make sure you and your child take proper sound sleep.

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Written by Swati Mor

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