How to make your grocery shopping fun too!

In today’s high-inflationary scenario, wherein everything from vegetables to fruits and even sugar costs a bomb, the responsibilities of the lady of the house have grown multi-fold! While she can’t compromise on basic food stuffs like milk and vegetables, but buying ‘budget’ groceries has become a task today. Here are 5 tips to make your grocery shopping easy.

Plan it out

Making a list of groceries you need to buy. Jot down only absolutely-must things. This way you will not end up spending on things you can do away with.

Make a budget

Make a budget before going for grocery shopping. If you don’t have a budget in mind and if you are carrying unlimited cash in your wallet, you may end up spending money on unnecessary items.

Don’t get tempted

If you go to a supermarket, the sheer variety will leave you spellbound. Chances are you may get tempted to try out brands other than what you use, or pick up chips and chocolate, breads and cakes, juices and many other such things, which won’t go waste, but you could easily do away with.

Make good use of coupons

Don’t feel shy to use promotional or gift coupons. They fetch hefty discounts and hence you can budget your grocery shopping accordingly — half cash, half coupons!

Don’t succumb to “influential’ shopping: You neighbour just bought a new detergent powder that has just hit the shelves. But it costs twice of the one you already use. No need to try that out! Or at a supermarket if the lady in front of you picks up something you have never used, don’t get influenced!

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Written by Smita Diwan

Smita Diwan is a Media & Communication evangelist with 15+ years of steady growth. She has served across diverse verticals of Broadcast Journalism, Corporate Communications, Digital Media and Public Relations. A fitness enthusiast, Smita devotes her ‘rare’ free-time to yoga and meditation. As she strongly believes that the right balance is the key to steady growth.

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