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How to Make the Most of Your Weekends

Weekends are the most awaited days for all of us, irrespective of the work status. These are our own getaways from hectic schedules and work deadlines. All around the week, there is always this thought of the upcoming weekend and how to make the most of it. Most of us daydream of what the weekend can be. Should I go shopping this weekend? Maybe a get-together would work or perhaps can I explore a new pub or so?  

The Monday to Friday routine is set, planned carefully with no gaps or possible time lapses, for some, the schedule is so tight that any mere thought which isn’t of interest is a time waste. But everybody deserves some time off, a weekend indeed. By the time weekend arrives, all we wish to do is sleep, eat and binge-watch. Shouldn’t there be more to a weekend than just this? Think about having a wonderful weekend, it would surely give a boost to start your week, and not much of it will give you Monday blues. 

So, here are a few things you can do on your weekend. 

Go Gardening

Do some research on the kind of plants you can grow at home and then go to your nearest nursery and get some saplings or any other plant to start your little garden in your home. You can make space in a corner and neatly place these plants there. Gardening can be pretty fun; it can take your mind off from mundane activities.

Make a time capsule

We live a life filled with so many beautiful memories, surrounded by amazing friends and family and also get to experience a lot of things. We cannot hold the time or keep still the moment, but we can capture these memories. On one weekend afternoon unwind and make a time capsule- store these memories, pictures, things, notes, books, anything that holds value to you.

Take a drop-in class

There is always art or a skill you wish you had, maybe on one of the weekends you can explore that. Like go in for belly dance or a Bachata workshop, or pick some Mandala class or a painting class, or go learn how to make sushi or a Thai curry, or just go simple by going to a pottery workshop. These new interests will give you some time to delve into different activities.

Take a Trip

Now if you want to get away from the city and explore places around, a long weekend can be the best time. A one day visit to a theme park with your family can also be considered. There is one more thing which you definitely can do is taking a staycation – just stay at a hotel or a resort and do nothing but relax.

Volunteer work

Look for people who are involved in services and join them on weekends to help people, animal and nature around. You can visit a shelter home and help, or you could just feed someone who cannot afford food. Maybe on one early morning go for a cleaning drive around beaches, public areas or just your colony. Volunteering work will make you feel better of yourself and instil a belief that you can be worthy of this thing.

Pamper a little

Book an appointment before in hand at a spa and indulge yourself into a much-needed relaxation therapy. You can also visit a salon and get yourself treated with a new haircut or get your nails done and just a basic manicure pedicure. It’s good to have someone else pamper you, but if you wish to give some self-love, you can do a home facial thing or just take a long bath and fill with it different oils and fragrances.

Stay away from tech

On every weekend make an effort to use technology to the minimum. Like not using your smartphones until it is required. Doing this, you will experience a different means to enjoy and not just get glued to that smartphone. Give your mind a break from everything stressful and tiresome.

Bolts, bags and bake 

Since we are talking about a weekend, you must be having a to-do list for your home. Start with the ones which are of a priority, such as a repair for something, mend something broken or calling a technician to fix you air conditioner etc. You can also go for shopping grocery, furniture and other home needs; maybe you can also add a bit of shopping for your makeover. In the evening you can just play in music and can bake a cake and treat yourself something sweet.

Fill your heart with food

Food is the way to your heart. Explore new restaurants and cosy diners and have a delicious meal with your partner, friends or family. A friendly chat over a meal can be refreshing and can help you forget all about work and weekdays.

Push-ups to squats

Fitness is something you shouldn’t ignore. You can join a gym or yoga classes or any other fitness activity and sweat that extra fat or just strengthen your muscle. Health is essential; a balanced body can keep you going throughout the week without experiencing significant fatigue. A morning walk also would do.

Now since you are sorted with what you can do on your weekend, choose the one you would want to do the most and get going. Remember not to include everything in the weekend; it will leave you exhausted and unmotivated. Well if you still have a minute to spare, you can write a letter to someone or maybe yourself! 

What do you think?

Written by Sakshi Jain

Sakshi is an avid reader, enthusiast and is on her way to discover her potential. A passionate writer focused on creating and bringing better stories out in the open. Also, can cook two minutes Maggi in ten minutes.

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