How to Get over the Pandemic Hangover?

India has become the fastest country to vaccinate over 4 million people in just 18 days, showcasing a breakthrough during this Pandemic. While things are slowly and steadily coming back to normal or the ‘New Normal’ as experts term it, handling the after-effects of this lock-down journey has not been easy for anybody.

Wrecked sleep schedules, fitness goals, altered Work culture, and some disturbing thoughts are haunting almost every soul on this planet. In the midst of all of this, coping with this ‘New Normal’ can be a bit of a challenge. So, How do we adapt to this new phase?

1.Yoga to the Rescue :

yoga practice

Yoga is a unique concoction of physical and mental fitness. As a result, a lot of people turned to Yoga during the Pandemic for comfort. Meditation and Yoga have the power to calm down the disturbing thought cycle or at least help you feel a little relaxed. Try to incorporate Yoga into your daily lifestyle to tackle the pandemic woes.

2. Be Mindful of Your Posture :

While work from home has altered the entire job culture, it has also caused us to neglect our posture. A bad posture can leave you feeling tired and unmotivated to focus on anything. You can ask somebody to remind you every couple of hours to correct your posture even while working, or you can also set up reminders on your phone.

3. Try Reading Spiritual Books :

Woman Reading a Book

If you are a person who is into spirituality or wants to try this concept, try reading some spiritual books to gain some perception. This past year has left some of us feeling dejected or unmotivated. To overcome this, try reading books like ‘Autobiography by a Yogi’ or ‘Many Lives Many Masters’ to understand the actual concept of spiritualism and gain some wisdom on the way. It can be an excellent way to get rid of all the negativity encircling you.

4.Develop New Skills :

There is no better time to have a wide range of skill set than this. Job loss and unemployment clouded our economy in the year 2020, but this also lead people to find their passions and beginnings again. People found creative ways to grow and earn money. Trying to achieve a wide array of skill sets will only help you focus on the positive aspect of life and open new doors for you.

5.Talk and Listen :

And if none of the above things help you get rid of the negativity, then talk about it. There is no shame in feeling down and upset in life. It is only human to feel such emotions. Listening to a close friend or family member about their troubles or talking to them about yours will only help you come closer and feel a little better. Remember never to feel shy to ask for help.

As the great Nelson Mandela said it “When people are determined they can overcome anything.”

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Written by Prerna

A purple soul with a love for all things creative especially acting. I believe that current affairs, comedy and drama are interesting. I will forever be an inquisitive person striving for new knowledge. I like to write to express my views because words are powerful.

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