How to click The BEST Selfie Tips


What is a Selfie?

Selfie is what you do when you have a phone with a camera and love clicking yourself! Phone camera + Self Click = Selfie!!


Selfies date back as early as the early half of the nineteenth century when a photographer named Robert Cornelius took the first known selfie. In recent times, with the advent of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, by 2008, selfies started to become quite popular among the youth. When Apple launched it’s first iPhone with a front camera in 2010, and then came Instagram, Selfie only rose up to become the new ‘cool’!

The Addiction

From celebrities to random college goers, almost everyone who has an account on Facebook and Instagram, has at least one selfie in his collection. You know you are a selfie-holic when you don’t mind clicking one just about anywhere – on the streets, in the washroom, fitting rooms, your wedding, your uncle’s wedding, clubs, malls, the zoo, the loo – the list goes on!

How to click a Selfie?

Getting the perfect selfie is no rocket science. All you need is a phone with a cam (well, one can click a selfie with digital SLR cameras too, you just need to be THAT kinda addicted to it :P) and some narcissism!

· Keep your arm away from the frame. If they get in, crop.

· Keep your cam a little away from your face. The face appears to be abnormally large if held too close.

· Do not look directly into the camera! Look away, try some innovative pose! Looking directly feels like you’re trying too hard or trying to scare people off!

Instagram Celebrities who are selfie-holics

Priyanka Chopra: You will find an entire collection of her selfies with her favorite accessory on – her shades, on Instagram.

Rihanna: From pouts to tattoos to innocent looks, RiRi has them all!

Virat Kohli: You are missing something in life if you haven’t checked out his oh-so-manly smiles and killer looks in those selfies.

Nicky Minaj, Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus: Tongues, Tattoos, Weird hairdos, body parts – these celebs are known for such selfies.

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