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How to Celebrate an Anniversary at Home in the Time of Pandemic

To ensure the safety of you and your family during covid, here are some unusual ways to celebrate your anniversary at home.

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Anniversary is the day that marks the bond of love, care and union with your partner. But due to the pandemic situation, things are a little different due to which outdoor outings and dinner date events couldn’t be planned like before. To ensure the safety of you and your family during covid, you can try some unusual celebration ways for your anniversary in the comfort of your homes.

Let’s see some of the safe ways to celebrate an anniversary at home during the pandemic :

1. Start the Day With Flower Surprise

Anniversary Flowers

Surprise your partner with a flower bouquet at the beginning of the day. Also, put a special message on a little note in the bouquet. This will make your spouse feel special.

2. Try Some Customized Gifts

Happy Anniversary Cards

Collect your best pictures right from the wedding to till date and make a book including all your favourite printed pictures. Instead of a book, you could also put your favourite photographs from any trip or event in a frame or decorate your bedroom wall as a surprise. This change will catch your partner’s sight.

3. Gift a Cute Anniversary Card

Gift a cute anniversary card and express your deep feelings for your partner. This card could include answers to all sort of questions like “what is the best thing that you like about them and how special you feel each day to be with them or any memories you feel like recollecting”. In short, it’s a kind of small love letter for your partner.

4. Try to Make It More Special With a Video of Your Journey Together

Couple Holding Hands Together

Surprise your partner with a lovely video of your journey together with messages, choice tracks and cherish your bond of love. This will definitely add an elemental touch to your anniversary celebration.

5. Celebrate the Moment With Music

Couple Dance

Create a playlist of your partner’s favourite songs and express your love to them through music. You could also choose to dance with your partner to enjoy the event.

6. Cook a Special Meal or Dessert Together


For the meal, you could cook a favourite dish or dessert of your spouse’s choice for the special day. This will show your love and care for your partner. And no doubt, your efforts would be appreciated. You can also have a romantic mean together with the music of your choice.

7. Virtual Dinner Date

If in case, you both are at two different places and couldn’t come to meet due to covid. Then, you and your partner can still make the most of the day through a virtual dinner date. Just try the virtual date through zoom or any video conferencing apps. For this event, you could decorate each of your places with string lights and candles. And dress up to the best of you for the date. Plus, send the gift to your partner beforehand. Add some light music for the date. And you are all set for the virtual date celebration with your spouse. So, celebrate the event with a nice meal and talks together over the video call.

8. Try Outdoor Movie Night at Your Backyard or Garden

Anniversary Celebrations Backyard Setup

Yes, you could try outdoor movie night in your backyard or garden to make it a little different from the usual ones. For this, hang a white sheet or use a wall for the screen. And get a projector and set up the outdoor ambience to give it a cosy look. Also, arrange some snacks such as popcorn, cold coffee, coke etc. for the event. And you are all set for the outdoor movie night with your spouse.

9. Candlelit Dinner

Candlelit Dinner

Make your special day more special with a candlelit dinner. Try to be little creative here by decorating the room using either candles or cotton ball string lights plus moonlight LED string rope. You can either prepare your favourite meal together or can order from restaurants for the dinner. Also, don’t forget to add some dessert or a cake to complete the menu. Dress up for your date night meal and celebrate it to the fullest.

10. Bonfire Date

Bonfire Date

Instead of a candlelit dinner and outdoor night date, you could try a bonfire date with your spouse in your backyard. This will definitely make your night interesting and memorable for your anniversary celebration. For this, set up the area for a bonfire and decorate the ambience using diamond string lights to make it look homey. You can also put some nice music for the event. And at last, prepare your meal together and enjoy the bonfire date with your partner.

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Written by Swati Mor

Pursuing her doctorate studies, Swati always looks for unexplored potential in different genres and love to pen down her thoughts. She also enjoys reading about gadgets, technologies, historical art and culture.

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