How the world is going to celebrate International Yoga Day

The world is gearing up to celebrate 4th International yoga day on 21st June 2018. International yoga day is being celebrated since last 4 years with huge pomp and show. This was started by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and since the day has attracted not only national but international media attention as well.

In India, you can see people participating in yoga sessions at different venues. So, this year you might also have your special plans to celebrate International Yoga day. In case you are running short of ideas, we are here to help you out. Let’s have a look at how the world is going to celebrate International Yoga day –

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is the torch bearer of this event will be attending an event at Dehradun where 60,000 people with some dignitaries of Dehradun. Here Narendra Modi will be seen addressing people and teaching them some major Yoga lessons and various asanas.



Nepal celebrates Yoga day at Muktinath temple which is located 12,500 feet above the sea level. This is a very sacred temple by both Hindus and Buddhists and thus Indian Embassy at Nepal celebrated Yoga day with many other people at Muktinath temple.


Padma Vibushan Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev will be celebrating International Yoga day with army personnel at Siachen. He will be speaking and motivating soldiers on various issues. And it is expected that he will also be a discussion about the importance of yoga in their daily lives.

Indian Embassy

Indian Embassy has decided to celebrate International Yoga Day on 23rd June in Qatar. There will be a major event at Qatar Sports Club Multi-Purpose Indoor Hall from 7 to 8.30pm. Many dignitaries are expected to attend this event. Here common yoga protocols and how Yoga has impacted our life will be discussed.

Navy Personnel were seen celebrating Yoga onboard at INS Jamuna off Kochi, Kerela.


Jail Inmates in India were also seen celebrating International Yoga day.

People were seen taking out time from their busy lives and celebrating International Yoga day in their best possible way. This is how people in India were seen celebrating Yoga day on the terrace of their residential buildings.

IAS officials were seen performing Yoga asaans – Vayu namaskar, vayu Padamasan in open air.


International Yoga Day was also celebrated in Paris under an open-air yoga session. This was organized in the backdrop of Eiffel Tower.


People in Sydney, Australia also celebrated this day. 


International Yoga day was also celebrated in Indonesia with huge pomp and show. Many people and yogi came together to celebrate this day. Youth were the highlight of this event.

Disneyland, Paris

This is the glimpse of International Yoga Day in Disneyland.


Yoga fans were seen practising Yoga at Qingquan Park in Handan city.


Yoga was also celebrated in Israel were people performed Yoga asanas under open air and peaceful surrounding.

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