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How the Pandemic Changed the World of Small Businesses, and Here’s How You Can Benefit From It

Are you wondering how can you own your space too in the world of small businesses? Keep reading to explore your options.

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Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

The pandemic curbed us from so many things but nothing stopped us from generating ideas to keep going and soon it has opened doors for several small businesses across the globe. Having considered India particularly, we have witnessed a sharp rise in the number of small businesses mostly on Instagram mostly by Gen-Z and it was surprising to see them not only being able to build their own brand from scratch, but also turn it into a full fledged business just over a year. Are you wondering how can you own your space too in the world of small businesses? Keep reading to explore your options:

Recognise your talent and sell it

One of the first things I noticed is that people behind these small businesses had no deeper vision, but just a hobby which they decided to value in monetary terms. We all are good at something or the other but hardly do we ever prioritise it or give it a thought thinking it’s just some random thing we like to do on a sunday afternoon. As soon as the pandemic hit, people belonging to Gen-Z had little to do and many of them used this time to invest their energy into something that they chose to do maybe once in two weeks. This changed the game and soon they were generating passive income by just sitting at home, working on something they love, and even inspired others to do the same.

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So what is trending in the small business world right now?

1. Handmade jewellery

This is definitely trending right now and people are going crazy over handmade charm bracelets, dainty pearl neck pieces, earrings, and polymer clay jewellery. There are so many handles I came across while researching and each one was better than the other. If you’re someone who loves to pursue something similar in your me time then why not shoot your shot?

2. Home-bakers & Cloud kitchens

Home bakeries and cloud kitchens gained traction in the year 2020 when the unannounced lockdown happened and fear of Covid-19 became real. Everything was being questioned on what’s safe and what’s not. One of the major concerns that people had was whether getting food delivered was safe or not, which lead to a lot of loss as many people questioned those big outlets even though all of it was not verified news. Soon people starting discovering these home bakers and cloud kitchens and the demand sloped as they trusted them to be home cooked and hygienic.

3. Resin art handmade products

One of my absolute favourite from the bucket of small businesses. Resin art products are handmade, personal, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are great for decoration and some can also be used as kitchen ware. People are getting innovative by the day, trying out different styles and products which makes it look like pandemic or no pandemic, the charm of these is going to stick around for a long time.

4. Organic and homemade skincare/haircare products

Be it a tint, gloss, soap, anything, it seems everything can be made at home. While I was researching for this article I came across a good amount of pages selling these and I must say the presentation left me speechless. Ever go to a high-end brand and left the store feeling speechless? Guess not. These brands made sure that from the packaging, to the product, it’s features, not to forget a freebie that many small businesses add too, a personalised note, the shades, and service, everything is head-to-toe covered in a dignified and graceful manner. Knowing skincare can be tricky as many may not trust their brand, they surely have given 100% to stand out. So if you’re someone who loves skincare and homemade products, this is your sign to turn your “sunday self-care regime” into a full-time business.

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5. Everything handmade from masks to scrunchies

If you’re someone who keeps up with trends you must be aware that scrunchies and masks are so in right now. First it was satin, then embroidered, organza, chiffon, and many more than came into trend and it’s still not over. People are getting creative by the day and every-time you surf the internet something new hits the market. If you’re someone who knows stitching as his/her left hand skill then you have a chance at some fast money by coming up with your own brand. What surprises me is that 16-18 year olds are opening their brands, working on branding, communication, personalisation, and having their own small business. This sure feels and looks right!

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Written by Urvashi

With a degree in media science, I spend most of my time writing, trying to explore the content world with a wish to make it big someday!

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