How Did Sridevi Die?

The nation woke up to a huge surprise or rather shock on Sunday morning when we all received the news of sudden death of 90s superstar Sridevi. The lady was a regular feature of fashion and celeb parties and she was also seen hanging out with her friends and partying. Those of you who follow her on Instagram couldn’t get over those extravagant grand holiday pictures which Sridevi used to post with her family including two gorgeous daughters. The entire family was quite excited about her elder daughter Jhaanvi’s debut movie. Sridevi herself said in a number of interviews that she is excited and nervous at the same time for her daughter and scared that she will have to go through the impeccable pressure which will be mounted on her owing to be a superstar’s daughter.

You might have even seen her glamorous Manish Malhotra lehenga which she was seen sporting at her cousin Mohit Marwah’s wedding at Dubai. But the wedding night, unfortunately, turned out to be the last night of her life. Everyone saw her dancing and in her hubby’s arm but within few hours we got the news that she has died of sudden cardiac arrest. And anyone couldn’t believe this because she was a healthy middle-aged woman. She was only in her early 50s and there was no sign of her ill health or anything like that.

But as per the cardiologists, sudden cardiac arrest is something which comes within seconds. A patient or even her close relatives cannot predict the same and it is very difficult to diagnose. “As it is called ‘sudden cardiac arrest, there are only immediate symptoms such as loss of consciousness, no heartbeat, loss of pulse, fainting, chest pain, blackouts and shortness of breath. A cardiac arrest occurs when blood flow to the heart is obstructed, or the rhythm is disrupted – either too slow or very fast,” says Dr Suresh Rao, head, cardiac critical care, Fortis Malar

But still, there are some symptoms through which you can predict a sudden cardiac arrest. Have a look at the symptoms given below –

  1. Fatigue or dizziness
  2. Chest pain
  3. Vomiting
  4. Shortness of breath

“The incidence of sudden cardiac arrest is uncommon in women, but the risk increases after menopause in women. The risk of a cardiac arrest in women after menopause is as likely as it is in men and at the age of 54, the chances are high of getting a cardiac arrest due to any type of rhythm disturbance in heart,” says Dr R Shanti, an obstetrician.

But cardiologists are also of the opinion that these short-term weight loss measures or innumerable cosmetic surgeries also takes a toll on your health. Ageing is a natural process and if you don’t accept it that way and keep challenging against nature then the results can be disastrous.

“The short term methods to lose weight are being promoted that actually take a toll on the health of an individual. Thyroxin increases the metabolism by causing pressure on the heart, which increases the risk of cardiac arrest. Likewise, anti-appetite medicines act as appetite suppressants and impact heart and liver severely. However, a healthy lifestyle, controlled diet and adequate sleep along with mediation and Yoga are the natural ways by which a healthy weight can be maintained,” says dietician Dr K Dharani

Even the immensely popular Keto diet is also under the scanner for providing such shocking results in such a short time. Dieticians are arguing whether it’s healthy or not?

Cosmetic surgeons are also of a view “We emphasise on obligatory consent before a procedure is done on anyone. Celebrities usually have a lot of pressure to maintain their physical appearance, but it is a known fact that repeated cosmetic surgeries are a stress to the body,” says cosmetic surgeon Dr Jyotsna Murthy. You will be amazed to know that extremely common celebrity cosmetic surgeries like liposuction is a major cause of immediate cardiac arrest.

We don’t know what is the real reason behind Sridevi’s sudden cardiac arrest but of course, her untimely and sudden death has left the entire nation and film industry shocked. And no doubt the death has taught us many life lessons that indeed life is quite short and untimely and thus learn to live in your today than planning and securing our tomorrow.

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