How 12 Years Old Ananya Became A Published Author

Being a writer is no piece of cake as it takes a great deal of effort to come up with a story, fill it with the details and edit it umpteen times before it actually gets published. Writer undoubtedly deserve our attention and appreciation, especially when it is someone as young as Ananya Pathak.  The 12 years old Ananya is a student of Podar International School in Mumbai.

Ananya is a voracious reader and a passionate writer. She enjoys writing short stories and poems. With a fascination towards fiction, Ananya loves to concoct stories from characters that she brings to life with her strong imagination. She gets ideas and inspirations for her stories from her travelling experiences. In her own words,

“Out there, there are places waiting to be explored, mesmerising sceneries waiting to be described, tales waiting to be heard and amazing experiences waiting to be written down.”

Ananya’s newly launched book is named- “The Light and Dark Series: The First to the Prophecy”. Here is a short summary of her book-

Alexia Faria’s entire life is turned upside down, when she discovers an eerie door in her backyard, which has seemingly appeared overnight. Upon entering it, she is buried in pitch-darkness, surrounded by hooded figures with terrifying spear-like staffs in hand. 

She is actually in another world altogether: the Paradox world. A world divided in two realms: the light and the dark. The dark realm is where she sees the hooded figures, she is later rescued and taken to the light realm. There, she finds out that there is going to be a war between the two realms and it is going to shake the foundations of her world and everyone she has ever known. The light people, who rescue her from the dark realm, need her help to prevent this, and for that, she will have to journey back to the dark realm, where everyone won’t be quite as friendly. There, she will have to battle not only the unfriendly but also the magic of the place itself, which will remind her of every bad memory she’s ever had, every mistake she’s ever made, every tragedy she’s ever witnessed.

Will she be strong enough to stand the barriers the darkness will place in front of her? Will she have enough light in there, to fight them off, or will she get overwhelmed and let the darkness swallow her up whole and plunge the two worlds in everlasting darkness?

“You humans can’t see in complete darkness, right? But y’all can’t see in harsh, blinding light, either. If there is only joy, in your world, someday, it might lead to carelessness and greed for more, giving birth to a worser darkness. That’s why there’s a need for equal amounts of both: light and darkness.”


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