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Housing Laughter in Your Life

Laughter is a significant element of a blissful life. It gives you the strength to find bright sources of hope. Even in the most challenging times, a laugh–or even a smile–can go a long way towards making you feel better. With stressful situations around, life has become so occupied that someone should even remind us to smile or laugh. So we have listed some ways to start building laughter in your life.

Smile, Joy, Laughter

1. Smile

Smile is the beginning of laughter. A few notable positive messages to ponder – Start your day with a smile, Always wear a smile. Smiling at someone isn’t any harm. Smile at people you pass by, the person sitting beside you, or the people you share an elevator with. It helps to create a positive environment and bring a smile on the face of others too. Remember, a positive environment always elevates your mood.

2. Spend Time with the People You Love

Allow your deeply felt emotions to rise to the surface with the people you love. Connect with them and put brakes on your defensive stress mechanisms and share a hearty laugh. Share memories, make moments with the people whom you spend time. Such pleasant memories would help you with positivity when you are all alone. You’ll feel more positive, and more relaxed – even if you’re unable to rework a tense situation.

3. Watch a Funny Movie or Check-out Something Hilarious from the Bookstore

Find ways to stipulate laughter like watching a hilarious movie or a TV show or read a humorous book. Doing this involves laughter which helps you to recharge and relax. We get carried away when we watch or read something we love, and at times this helps us with a quick relief that we need the most.

4. Find Your Inner Child

Goof around with children and try to imitate them—after all, they are the experts in taking things lightly. Engage in doing something silly with them and become carefree to enjoy chuckles of laughter. Their pure souls and selfless actions take us away to a world which needs no second thought of care.

5. Play with a Pet

If you have a pet, play with it and spend some time with it. Show the pet some love and experience them replicate the same with you. Researchers have found that oxytocin or the love hormone shoots up when we interact with our pets, which boosts our psychological well-being.

Laughter is a natural part of life. Count this as a blessing and add joy to your life. But remember to not make laughter as an escapist shelter for your troubles. Learn to face your problems but do not forget to laugh whenever you can. It strengthens your resilience to face life ahead.

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