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Here’s Why You Can Turn To Small Businesses and Stop Scratching Your Cards at High-End Brands

The world of small businesses is free of any age bracket containing boundless opportunities.

Here's Why You Should Stop Scratching Your Cards at High End Brands and Turn To Small Businesses

The world of small businesses is flourishing at the moment and the pandemic is acting like fuel. Now that most things are functioning online, more and more people are coming up with ideas and finding ways to generate passive income. The world of small businesses is free of any age bracket containing boundless opportunities and here’s why and how you can also become a part of it and promote made in India products.

1. Vocal for Local – Support a Dream or Vision 

The vocal for the local concept is much more than just buying made in India products. When you purchase from a local seller, you’re supporting their dream and giving someone’s creativity a little push, so they become examples of leadership and entrepreneurship in the future. Your purchase would show them and the people around that one can make a living out of a conventional career option if taken seriously and earn more by just being consistent. 

2. Personalisation and Love in the products 

Personalisation is one of the main reasons I would buy something from a small business than a big brand. Small businesses put their soul into making you feel how much your purchase means to them. They pour their love into everything, from packaging to personal notes, freebies and whatnot, to make you feel special for choosing them.

3. Quality and Affordability 

Small businesses do offer the best quality products at a very affordable price tag. They let their quality speak for what they have built and make sure you feel satisfied after your purchase. You will often find similar products available with high-end brands, but the price is approximately triple to what a small business would charge you. Unless you just care about some brand’s name on your products, I don’t see any reason to skip on saving a few bucks.

4. Customisation and Freebies  

Small businesses may only cater to few clients at once, but whatever they curate is always unique and cannot be made more than few times. They pour their creative self entirely into one order and make sure you get more than what you asked. Every customised product is different from the other, and not to forget the freebies they send to make you feel special and important.

How to know if an online business is genuine? 

The world of the internet connects us to many people. While some may be genuine, hustling each day to build their small business, I have also ordered from pages that have scammed me. These fraudulent pages have become a tag for the entire small business community, and it’s time we break it. Here’s how you can be cautious while ordering:


This is the most common one. Whenever you see a page and wish to make a purchase, scan the page for reviews, tags and real images. Careful scanning can help you know if the page is uploading genuine reviews or posted fake ones. Trust me, it’s that easy to catch. 

b.Look for the comment section

Pages who want to build their client base will always keep their comment section open to get better engagement and interaction from people who may want to enquire about the product. Most fraud pages will keep it off as their main agenda is not to serve you but to ghost you once you have paid. These pages may have cheated a lot of people, and opening the comment section would also expose them because of the feedback they would get in the comment section. 

c.Do not always look for the number of followers

The main reason why many people get scammed is that they see a huge following and forget about the rest. Many times pages buy ghost followers to come off as a big brand. Look closely before you find yourself blindly believing them. The number of followers is not everything to make your small business gain traction. I have seen and been a part of brands that only have around 200-300 followers, but their products are exceptionally good with excellent customer support.

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Written by Urvashi

With a degree in media science, I spend most of my time writing, trying to explore the content world with a wish to make it big someday!

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