Here’s Every Reason Why You Must Switch to Green Tea

Do you wish there was a single draught that will cleanse your body, prevent you from the risk of deadly diseases and maintain your mental health as well? Well, you need not search any longer as the answer is Green Tea. It is, undisputedly the healthiest drink on this planet due to the presence of rich antioxidants and nutrients. Although all the varieties of tea are extracted from the same plant – Camellia sinensis, it is the extent to which they are processed that produces different flavours, colours, functions and benefits. Green tea is comparatively processed much less than regular tea or black tea which allows it to retain its natural properties and serve as a healthy brew. 

It is essential to take green tea as it is, with hot water and not add sugar to it. Adding sugar will defy the whole purpose of consuming a healthy beverage. Though green tea in its raw form is quite bitter, you can buy the flavoured ones that include tulsi, ginger or lemon. If you really want to make it sweet, then add honey instead of sugar. (Here’s another secret – honey and hot water combinations aid weight loss!) 

Let’s go ahead and check out the reasons now.

Lowers Risk of Breast Cancer

Along with reducing the chances of other cancers such as prostate and colorectal cancers, it is one of the most effective prevention methods against breast cancer, the most common cancer among women. Epigallocatechin – 3- gallate is a powerful component of green tea that is believed to fight against cancer by preventing the cells from being damaged. Studies have found that regions where green tea is consumed, regularly had fewer cases of breast cancer. Adding to this, it also helps in the prevention and treatment of cervical, ovarian and endometrial cancers. The polyphenols present in green tea combat cancer cells.

Burns Fat & Aids in Weight Loss

I’m sure you have heard people say that drinking vodka will help you lose your belly, but vodka also harms the body in other ways. Well, the best alternative, in this case, is shifting to green tea. It helps to increase the rate of metabolism and burns excess body fat, thus aiding you with your weight loss plan. This also helps in enhancing physical performance. 

Enhances Reproductive Health

The antioxidants present in green tea, play a positive role in preparing the body for pregnancy. The presence of essential elements like zinc and manganese improve the viability of the egg. Consuming green tea regularly also helps in regulating the production of oestrogen, a hormone responsible for the menstrual and reproductive health of women. 

Elevates Mood During PMS

Every woman goes through PMS which puts her through a cranky phase (also spoils the mood of people around her). It is a known fact that eating dark chocolate helps to regulate mood swings and keep you sane before your period. Guess what, and green tea does that too! The compound theobromine, a mild stimulant that elevates mood is present in dark chocolate and green tea as well. 

Strengthens Bones

Post-menopause, women, are prone to osteoporosis; drinking green tea will prevent bone loss and the polyphenols present will increase bone mass. 

Youthful Skin

If none of the above benefits has impressed you till now, I am sure you will add green tea to your shopping list right now. The antioxidants fight off the free radical damage that causes wrinkles, and you can flaunt your flawless skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

Enhances Dental Health

Once you start drinking green tea, you can say bye to your breath mints as they won’t have a purpose anymore. Green tea prevents the production of gases that make your breath smelly by killing bad bacteria. If you have weak or bleeding gums, green tea can help along with your prescribed cure. It also protects against tooth decay. 

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Apart from these, green tea also lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties and boosts the immune system. Unlike coffee, which can cause edginess, green tea has mild stimulants that increase your alertness. Moreover, regular consumption of green tea has been linked to a healthy and longer life.

Too much of anything is good for nothing – similarly, too much green tea can cause adverse effects as well. So make sure you don’t drink more than 3-4 cups a day. Also keep in mind that pregnant, breastfeeding and anaemic women are advised not to consume green tea (consult your doctor as well).

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Written by Thrinethra Serman

Thrinethra is a passionate writer, obsessive binge watcher and dog lover. She loves to explore and experience new, exciting stuff and her ultimate goal is to travel the world and share her stories. "The only thing you need to remember is this, 'YOLO', so don't let anyone or anything stop you from chasing your dreams".

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