Healthy Food for Your Diabetic Kid

Having diabetic kids? It is painful to see your kids being diabetic. Diabetes is beyond your control but not the diet. So mothers, here are some yummy recipes that you can prepare for your kids to see them chew on and want for more.

Grilled cheese sandwich:

Ingredients: 1) 1oz, cheddar cheese (light). 2) Whole-wheat bread. 3) Margarine (1 ½ tsp). 4) Egg substitute (2tsp), and 5) Skimmed milk (1tsp). Preparation: 1) Put cheese on slice and put the other slice on top. 2) Mix well the egg substitute and the skimmed milk in a bowl. 3) Heat the margarine is non-stick skillet. 4) Dip the cheese sandwich in egg-milk mixture. 5) Cook each side of the sandwich until it turns golden in colour. It takes approximately 3 minutes.

Chicken pasta salad:

Ingredients: 1) Fat-free mayonnaise (1/2 cup). 2) Low sodium soy-sauce (3tbsp). 3) Sherry (2tbsp). 4) Ground ginger (1/8thtsp). 5) Pepper (1/4thtsp). 6) Cooked and drained spiral pasta (1cup). 7) Cooked boneless and skinless chicken breasts cut into small pieces (2cups). 8) Fresh peas (2 cups). 9) Sliced green onions (2). 10) Roasted almonds (1/4th cup). Preparation: 1) Mix the soy sauce, mayonnaise, sherry, pepper and ground ginger in a bowl. 2) Get a separate bowl for mixing the chicken pieces, pasta, green onions and fresh peas. Toss these with the dressing mixture. Refrigerate it overnight.

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