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Whether you’re getting hitched in a small backyard affair or it is a huge extravaganza, you want people close to you to know about your wedding, intensively. And in today’s day and age, with all the digital optimisation, it’s not even half as hard. What is prevalent in today’s domain of social media and we all know is popular is the best and correct usage of ‘Hashtags’. we bring you 5 unique, creative ideas you haven’t thought of. Of course, replace them with your own names, initials, wedding locations, and such to make them special to your big day.

A) #KarAnnie [Karan & Annie]

This is our gracious couple from Patiala. Truly madly deeply in love, as they may seem, they introduced the hashtag ‘Karannie’, their names combined, during their wedding and relayed it across the gathering. It sure was a smart move! The hashtag gained traction in no time.

B) #WeddingInHills [Jas & Tamanna]

The Bride here belonged to the hills and that’s where the wedding took place. Hence the name! It was 3 day event right in the lap of Shimla hills. It was serene and it was awesome. The bride herself came up with the obvious hashtag ‘Wedding in hills’.



C) #2States [ Rajeev & Aakriti]

This couple of ours was a union of the north with the south, the bride being a north-Indian and the groom from south. Keeping the trendy nature of the phrase ‘2 States’, the couple incorporated this into their Wedding affair and it did make some noise.

D) #AmreekanDulhan [Tegh & Felicia]

This was a royal wedding that happened at the Samode Palace, Jaipur. It was the bride’s dream to tie the knot in an Indian Palace in the most surreal affair possible. So the groom decided to give life to her dream. Now it was even more special because the bride is from the US. She loved India and the Indian culture, so they just happened to coin the hashtag ‘Amreekan Dulhan’.


E) #TheChicUberBride [Hemant & Pinky]

Our bold and beautiful bride Pinky wanted her wedding to be anything but ordinary. She put all of herself into making this wedding into the most memorable event of her life. She was spunky and she was fiery and she was every inch a style diva, hence the hashtag ‘the chic and uber bride’

This article is written by Kunal Khanna, Director White Frog Productions

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