The Harmful Side of Cosmetics

A woman is always considered to be a thing of beauty. Irrespective of her complexion, features, size and height, a woman always loves to celebrate her sexuality. Cosmetics are products that pamper a woman, making her feel fresh, young and beautiful. She glides along gracefully, flaunting her beauty as the world expresses its admiration with a smile and a stare. But, is she aware of the damage that she might be causing to her natural beauty by using these products? No, because most of the time she is lost in the effect produced by the cosmetic products. Well, at least you have the opportunity to know how cosmetics have harmful ingredients that can cause irreparable damage.

DBP in nail polish

This is a chemical that is often used making the various colours of nail polish. Research on mice has shown that this chemical is responsible for causing birth defects. Though there are many companies using DBP have been banned in the US, it is advised that nail polishes that contain this chemical should be avoided during pregnancy.Anti Rape Nail Color

PABA and benzophenones in sunscreens

These are chemicals found in many sunscreen lotions that bring about cellular DNA damage and are also causing the risks of chronic diseases like cancer to increase. Talc in powders, feminine napkins, facial tissues and pads: According to studies the structure of talc is similar to that of a human carcinogen like asbestos. Studies have also shown that women who use talcum powder in their genital area increase their chances of having ovarian cancer by 60%.

Chemicals in dark hair dyes

Dark hair dyes are known to increase the risk of cancer. The chemicals used in dark hair dyes are suspected to be carcinogens. Henna, therefore, is suggested to be a suitable substitute for these dark hair dyes.

Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA) as gfoaming agents

These chemicals after being absorbed by the body over a good length of time are seen to bring about diseases like cancer. These are used as foaming agents. They cause the skin and hair to become dry and also irritate the eyes.

PVP/VA Copolymer in products for hair stylinghair-care-in-india

A chemical derived from petroleum, this is usually used in products for hair styling. These are considered toxic because they are known to cause damage to the lungs if inhaled.Stearalkonlum Chloride in lotions and hair conditioners: This is usually used in hair conditioners because it is quite cheap compared to natural conditioning ingredients like proteins.

Synthetic fragrances

There are many perfumes and sprays that dizziness, headaches, respiratory problems and rashes. They often contain chemicals that cause hyper-pigmentation, that is, you tend to get brown spots on your skin.

Lead in lipsticks

Lead used in the making if lipsticks is known to cause brain and blood disorders, harm the nervous connections in young children and is connected with schizophrenia.

So here are some facts that tell you how cosmetics give you a glowing look while it keeps on damaging the process. Be careful before you purchase cosmetics. Get to know about the brands that use organic cosmetic products.

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