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Harmful Effects of Consuming Too Much Sugar in Your Diet

We will discuss a few harmful effects of consuming too much of this sweet tasting soluble carbohydrate.

While most of us are aware that too much sugar is harmful to our health, what a lot of people are unaware of is that apart from weight gain, consuming too much sugar has other ill effects on our health as well. Many food products contain sugar naturally and some processed food items contain sugar in excess having no nutritional value and only empty calories. We are here to discuss those harmful effects with you in detail and give you a lot more reasons to cut on excess sugar today and lead a healthy and happy life!

1. Increases Stress

When we consume food that is high in sugar we make our bodies weak to deal with stress. Excess sugar leads to the release of hormones that disrupt our body’s regular functioning and makes us feel anxious and irritable. It affects our overall mood and while we may consume it when we feel low or have had really long day thinking it would help us cheer up, it does the exact opposite.

2. Adds No Nutritive Benefit to Your Body

Sugar is nothing but just empty calories. Food items, especially processed foods that contain sugar provide no additional nutritive benefit to our body other than calories. They can be a source of energy but the fact that our body digests them at a quick rate proves that they are not a good source. On the other hand, food items that have sugars present in them naturally like fruits and dairy products are good sources of energy for our body with additional nutrition benefits that they provide for the nourishment of our body.

3. Accelerates the aging process

While aging is normal and nothing can stop it, signs of early aging like wrinkles and sagging of the skin can be linked to poor food choices. Our poor food choices are one of the biggest contributing factors that make our skin lose its elasticity. Excess consumption of sugar destroys the protein that provides strength and freshness to our skin and when destroyed our skin begins to sag and age prematurely.

4. Increases the Risk of Depression

Consumption of sugar in excess or a diet high on sugar can disrupt your entire mood but that’s not the only thing it does. Overconsumption of sugar can also increase the risk of developing depression. We may reach out to sugary food items in need of comfort or just to get over a bad mood or a bad day but don’t realize the harm it brings to our overall mood and mental health in the long-run. The need to reach out to these food items can make things even worse so it’s best to avoid it and find an alternate comfort food for such situations.

5. Affects the Immune System

Excess consumption of sugar can weaken our immune system. It interferes with our body’s function to fight diseases leading to the build-up of bacteria that ultimately lead to infections. Various bacteria that enter our body feed on the excess sugar that we consume thus making it a breeding ground for them and the host of diseases. 

6. Can Cause Cavities

The most common effect of overconsumption of sugar is the decaying of teeth. While you may enjoy munching on sugary food items catering to your sweet tooth, the damage it does to your teeth is permanent. After consuming sugary food items it is advisable to brush your teeth and continue this by brushing your teeth twice a day to avoid sitting of sugar on your teeth that can lead to tooth decay.

7. Risk of Heart Disease

Diets high on sugar can be one of the major sources of increased risk of heart diseases. People who consume processed foods or soft drinks that are high on sugar are more prone to heart diseases as they provide nothing to our body but empty calories that do more harm to us. White the effect of overconsumption of sugar may not be visible immediately but in the long run, it surely comes into light. It is advisable to go light on processed foods and sugary drinks to keep your heart healthy and strong by finding appropriate alternatives to your cravings.

8. Risk of Diabetes

It is very common that excess sugar consumption or a high-calorie diet can lead to diabetes in the long-run. One major source of this type of diet is the consumption of soft drinks. It disrupts the functioning of our entire body and the regulation of our blood sugar levels. Even while purchasing products that you aren’t quite familiar with it is always wise to check the labels and look up the nutrition value it is providing. This makes you choose smartly and take decisions as per your non-requirements.

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Written by Urvashi

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