Happy kitchen life with Rotimatic

As the name suggests Rotimatic is machine that makes rotis automatically. Rotimatic has now invaded kitchens giving working women the much needed time to spare for themselves.

The old roti maker that people used required you to make the dough. That’s surely a time consuming and energy draining task to be done. You had to make small patties out of the dough, dust with dry flour and put it in the roti maker. When there is 80% involvement of the user how does the electric roti maker prove helpful.

How does Rotimatic work ?

How does it work? Rotimatic kneads the flour and dishes out fresh rotis of a maximum of 12. Now you only need to choose the number of rotis you need. There is also a button that helps you reduce the number of rotis to be made.

Control the thickness and softness of the rotis

Rotimatic contains a separate container for water and flour at the top section of it. There is also a place for oil if you need. There are buttons that help you choose the thickness and the softness of the rotis. After the settings are done you push the play button and the machine starts working according to the instructions fed into it. You can see the flour been gradually taken in as the dough is being made. And finally you see the dough taking its shape.Magically you see circular rotis getting puffed up and being pushed out of the machine.

As Rotimatic does its work, you get enough time to set the table for a lovely lunch or dinner. The best part is that you are left with enough energy to go through a few pages of your favourite book or make some tasty salad and do some household chores.Truly Rotimatic has taken off the tension of making rotis after a hard day at office.

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