Gorgeous look with Garnier Quick Wash Hair Oil

Garnier, once acquired by L’Oreal, brings you a wide range of hair and skin care products. One of its recent entrants in the market is the Garnier Quick Wash Hair Oil.

This product will prove useful for women and girls whose hairs get rough due to constant exposure to pollution and free radicals. Grab a bottle of Garnier Quick Wash Hair Oil to restore the shine and lustre of your hair. As the name suggests, it enables busy women to have a quick wash after they oil their hair.

It’s then time to bid goodbye to damaged hair. This product claims to help you get healthy, smooth, softer and manageable hair after a wash within hours of oiling your hair. It softens each hair strand as it contains the goodness of three hair oils in one bottle – coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil. Almond oil helps in nourishing the hair scalp and stimulates hair growth. Coconut oil acts as an anti-microbial agent and puts life to your hair. It protects every hair fibre. Olive oil conditions your hair making it shiny and manageable.

When it comes to the question of hair care in a tight schedule, this product comes as the best solution. There is no need to suffer stickiness or oil your hair the night before. It also saves your pillow cover from undergoing several washes to get rid of the oil and dirt. Now it is possible to get the best salon treatment at your home.

The 100 ml bottle is available for Rs75 and the 200 ml bottle is available for Rs110. Isn’t the product reasonably priced? It sure is. The result of a happy pocket and a happy hair leads to a happy you. It’s time to celebrate the riddance of a dry, damaged, rough and unattractive mane.

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