Going green in your palate – using spinach effectively

I recently took up the challenge of including greens, especially leafy vegetables in my diet. Spinach, rich in iron and fiber is hardly fun food, and yet very important in terms of nutrition. So in order to include this green miracle in my diet I invented (or reinvented) the following recipes.Palak Sandwich

Sunday omelette bonanza

the day of the week when you get up and want a wholesome breakfast, here is what you do. Add freshly cut spinach, American corn and green peas to your omlette. Tastes better when you only add the egg white and a little bit of cream cheese. The trick is to sauté the vegetables a little bit before adding it to the egg white-oregano-cheese-coriander mixture. It brings out a heavenly taste of good nutrition and some naughty cheesy corners. Try it if you don’t believe me.

Palak Chicken

My mom’s best recipe is her dhania pudina chicken gravy (coriander-mint chicken). All I did was to improvise by adding two handfuls of chopped green leafy vegetables (mostly spinach and a little methi). Let the chicken cook in it and you will feel the yummy blend of chicken and spinach in your fun food. It is the easiest and best way to feed the kids as well, as spinach can be a problematic vegetable to deal with otherwise.

The classic spinach and cheese sandwich

Café coffee day has got it right. Spinach and cheese along with American corn make for a really good sandwich filling. And the best part is that you know it is good for your health compared to its junk food counterparts. You can also add bell peppers and vegetables of your choice to this delightful mix, as it only makes it more nutritious. Only keep in mind, that wheat bread will go better than white bread- it really brings out the taste of the corn.

Palak raita

sounds like a weird combination. This is for people who hate eating their greens directly. Cook the palak without cutting it, with some tomatoes for six minutes and mix it wit curds, masalas and pepper. Makes for a great option to a full blown dinner. The curds help to blend the taste of the spinach that makes it tolerable and nice to eat. Don’t forget that this is a bowl of nutrition and very light on the stomach. Best option for those wanting to cut calories.

Honestly, I would say that you should put green leafy vegetables in almost everything you cook because most of them blend easily. But it is important to include it in your diet even if you are not too fond of it. Spinach in itself has a lot of goodness to offer. So what are you waiting for… Go green in your diet- now!

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Written by N D'cruz

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