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Going For A Pre Wedding Photoshoot? Here Is What You Need To Know

When you are getting married, you want the whole world to know. What is the better way to do just that other than the pre-wedding photoshoot? Some couples can surely fly off to Italy for an exotic photo shoot while others like to capture the memories in a place that boasts of their old memories. Either way, you need to know how you can make the best out of your pre-wedding photoshoot. Here is the hundred dollar question- How to ace your pre-wedding photo shoot? You need to take care of a few things discussed below and you are good to go-


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Proper planning goes a long way

Anything done without planning is a sure recipe for disaster full and your pre-wedding photo shoot is no exception. It is the logical thing to plan your photo shoot well in advance, preferably during your courtship period.  3-4 months is enough time to plan your shoot so that your images can as well be used in your wedding collateral.

Due diligence while finalizing a photographer

You need to do lots of research before zeroing down on a photographer. Word of mouth recommendations do work but do your own research as well. You need to look at the past work and the reviews. Before you make your decision, make sure that you talk to the photographer in person and see if there understand your requirement.


Pick one photographer for all the ceremonies

As we said earlier that you need to do a lot of research to finalize a photographer, now it only makes sense to have one photographer for all ceremonies. It will not only help you to build a rapport with your photographer but also give the photographer the time to know you as a couple. This will make a lot of difference to your wedding day pictures.


It is the originality that counts

It is the originality that sets you apart. If you want to keep it simple, don’t go overboard with props, locations, and outfits. Just listen to your heart and imagine how you would want your pre-wedding shoots to be.


Discuss ideas with your photographer beforehand

Before your pre-wedding shoot, discuss with the photographer what is on your mind. If you want to recreate an old memory, let him know. Whatever is on your mind, convey to him and leave some room for him to work his charm. Don’t micromanage the photographer. Just trust him and let him do the work once you have conveyed your vision to him.


Carefully choose the location

You need to find the common ground with your partner when it comes to location. It has to be meaningful for both of you. It may be your terrace, rooftop bar where you two met, it could be your favorite hill station or a cafe nearby or even a beach that you both love. The location should put you at ease when you visit it. You might also want to avoid any life last minute surprises.


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