Glass Skin: Your Skin Is Supposed to Have Texture! It’s Not a Mistake

Glass skin has been glorified by the aesthetically inclined for a long time, at least since 2017—long enough that the K-beauty conception is no longer a beauty trend but a beauty norm.

Skin Texture
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Glass is devoid of life. Invisible. It really isn’t much. It exists in order to be seen through. It has no inherent beauty. It bends the truth and refracts the light. I don’t want to appear as if I’m made of glass. Glass skin should be referred to as “perfect lighting, excellent filter, solid makeup, and possibly some good skincare.”

Glass Skin:

There are over a billion Google search results for “glass skin,” a jumble of articles, blog entries, and product pages all providing tips on making my skin look less like skin and more like an amorphous material. Glass skin has been glorified by the aesthetically inclined for a long time, at least since 2017—long enough that the K-beauty conception is no longer a beauty trend but a beauty norm.

Glass skin, like all beauty ideals, is a complete impossibility, and as such, the road to Indexed flawlessness is littered with products that must be repurchased on a regular basis. (What a boon to capitalism!) It goes on and on. It’s highly addictive. It infiltrates the brain. It arouses the kind of obsession that comes with desiring the unattainable.

Honestly, epidermis that appears to be made of glass has lost its essential skin-ness, humanness, and healthiness. If you’re seeing your image in your skin, it is probably attempting to tell you stuff, such as, “See at what you’re doing to me!!!” or “Please just stop.”

Why are we so fixated on this “unachievable” standard?

Any doctor will tell you that pore diameter is genetically determined and cannot be “cleaned.” To accomplish impeccable skin tone, you must use make – up, extensive skin laser therapy, injectibles (such as Botox), or a wide range of Photo filters. Beauty “influencers” make use of all of these options.

As Naomi Wolf wrote: “A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, but an obsession about female obedience.”

The fascination with women’s subservience never goes away; it simply shifts position. And right now, compliance resembles flawless skin. Advertising is ineffective unless you first admit that something is wrong. And, if makeup and Instagram tech already exist to remove acne, wrinkles, and freckles, the bar at what is desirable shifts.

Aim for healthy skin

Healthy skin is lush, nourished, and bright all over, with a reasonable amount of oil production. Healthy skin does not always appear poreless, spotless, or line-free, and pretending otherwise can be unwise. When it comes to achieving better, beautiful skin, authenticity ought to be a factor. Rome was not built in a day, and it cannot be undone in a single day.

So at end of the day, for normal skin outcomes, you need to change your approach: no more smoking, less caffeine, more nutrition food products all the time, regular exercise, no lazy nights sleeping with your cosmetics on… The list goes on and on.

There is basically so much to do, such as bathing in warm—not hot—water, using gentle cleansers that do not irritate, and washing gently rather than scrubbing. Avoid prolonged sun exposure, apply sunscreen, and dress in protective clothing. Drink plenty of water and apply gentle moisturisers, lotions, or creams to your skin. Don’t surrender to what seems beautiful, know what’s real and that will always be beautiful.

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Written by Kavya

Pursuing food technology and trying to make it big. Kavya loves reading, learning and believes that life can be anything but predictable.

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