Gift Ideas for 25th Wedding Anniversary

Are you going to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of your parents? Or do you plan to attend the silver wedding of your friend? Has there anything else been arranged to celebrate the 25th marriage anniversary at your neighbor’s house? And you are planning to purchase the ideal gifts for that occasion. Is not it? Then, you have chosen the right platform. Here are some gift ideas to help your puzzled brain.

While purchasing gifts, you should remember whom those are for. You have to keep their taste, age, and nature in mind. Finally, your relationship with them is also a factor. Gifts should touch their heart after all.

But, remember you need not expend a lot for buying such gifts. Nor you should attempt to show how interested you are about them by presenting precious gifts. The most precious one is your love & good wishes for the couple. And nothing can exceed this!

Please take the following into your consideration while purchasing gifts:

1.Photo Book:photobook

If you are planning to purchase gifts for the 25th wedding anniversary of your parents, it would be best to gift them with the photo book. In a photo book, you can showcase the photos of each of their happy and memorable moments. You can paste here the photographs where you are in between them.
You can display all the photographs of the events, which have once been organized in your family along with your parents. It may be that your parents might miss some of the moments. Your personal comments to the photographs can also be added. You can edit the images with Photoshop regarding colour, size, and contrast. Thus, you may leave an innovative effect. And this would certainly be encouraged and appreciated by your parents.

2.Slide-show Presentation:slideshow

On your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, you can arrange for a video, which would showcase your parents in different hypostasis. If it suits to your pocket, a boutique cinema can be rented to operate the show. You can invite your dear and near ones to experience the program and double the joy of the day.

3.Bouquet of Red or Pink Roses:pink-roses

One of the usual gifts for all happy moments is to present the bouquet. Flowers do not require any external decoration. Their beauty is natural. Their smile is pure and innocent. Those are devoid of any earthly dust of treachery and hypocrisy. Their lovely presence can make the couple happier. Those would fill their heart with more tenderness and affection. As this is the case of a long-term relationship, it would be better to present bouquet of red or pink roses.

You know red or pink roses symbolize love. This would naturally show your wishes on the occasion of their long-term bonding. At the same time, those would show your prayer for the future bonding for much longer period. And you can gift bouquet to everyone. Relationship does not matter here, whether they are your parents, friends, relatives, or neighbors.

If you have not enough money, you can collect flowers and arrange for such bouquet yourself. At this, your creativity would enrich their pleasure. Don’t worry if you are not even able to gather flowers. Is there a single rose in your garden? Then gift it to them. They would appreciate it more because it’s not a mere flower, and your passion centers round it.

4.Your recently released book of poems:

Are you a poet? Are you passionate about writing love poems? Have you self-published your recent book of love poems? Then hurry. Purchase the copy on author’s discount and gift it to the couple on their 25th anniversary.
If you have not still authored a book, present your single poem. And you can assume you have won half the battle.

5.Your Painting:

Do you sketch in your off-time? Are you feeling heavy that there is none to appreciate your art of painting and your brushes and colours are in vain? Switch on to some relevant idea and give a shape to it.Then, after suitable colouring and framing, present it on the 25th wedding anniversary of your parents. It would be the best if you can paint their picture. You know, for our parents, our own efforts are always welcome.painting

6.A Family Trip:

On the 25th marriage anniversary of your friend or parents, you can gift them by arranging for a small trip. This would add to the charm of the day. Besides, you would get the opportunity to spend a whole day with them. The day would be full of fun, games, delicious dishes, and exciting photo shoot.

This would be more interesting if you opt for going to the lap of nature. Nature has its harmonious and soothing effect. Moreover, the couple would recall the day of their first meeting or the day when they went for honeymoon. If you can arrange for the same place where they spent their honeymoon, it would be the best option.

7.A Candle-light Dinner:

Are you expert in decorating your house on various occasions? Have you the passion for interior designing? Then you can utilize your creative side on the day of gifting the candle-light dinner for your parents’, friends’, relatives’, or neighbours’ 25th marriage anniversary.

You can ornament the room with floral decoration and heart balloons. You can also bring in the charm by love quotation on the table where dinner is supposed to be served. Place pink candles on the table. You may also decorate the entire house with candles and photographs of the couple. Please do not order food from restaurant. Instead, cook the dishes of their taste with your own hands.

This would certainly give them more pleasure. On the whole, always keep smile on your face. The little re-union party should not be monotonous. Remember heart contents will be the best anniversary gift ideas for all couples. If you can fill their heart with smile and joy, it would not be less than any precious gift bought at any multiplex. But, try to keep natural. And do not be tasteless like distilled water.

8.Music Album:

On the silver wedding anniversary, you can present the music album. If you gift the songs sung by the artist of the couple’s choice, the pleasure would be doubled. Music speaks of the unheard corner of one’s heart. You should purchase something of greatly melodious- whether in music or lyrics.

You know we first listen to the tuning, and then concentrate on the lyrics. So, you should win the heart of the couple through the excellent melodious composition. Create something new and mysterious while presenting the album. You may put out the lights first. Then start your music system and switch on to the lights.

Whatever you would like to gift, your presentation skill is the most important factor.

9.Silver Memory Frame:

A silver-plated memory frame can also give you the right direction while purchasing gift for the 25th wedding anniversary. In this frame, one of the important occasions of their life can be displayed. One photo of great moments that they spent together can also add to the charm of the frame.
The moment can be of their marriage, family occasion, children, family trips, picnic, the first walking of their children, their earlier house, and so on. If you can add any personal note or story, it would be better.

10.Plaque for 25th Anniversary:

On the 25th wedding anniversary of your dear and near ones, you can present silver-plated plaque. To personalize the plaque, you can write down your own message with good wishes & love.

11.Silver Clock:silver-clock

If it suits to your budget, you can present a silver clock on the 25th marriage anniversary of the couple. It is something to be easily remembered that it hangs on the wall. And if it is musical, the charm gets doubled.
At the top of the clock, you can convey your message along with curving their names. If small photographs of the couple can be displayed on the clock at the top, it would also look better.

12.Music from the Memory Lane:

You can arrange for gifting a compact disk where music from their time of being married can be compiled. It is a great way to make them remember those old days. And the charm would be more fascinating when they would be listening to those songs. Thus, they would be enjoying every moment they used to do in the past. The old flame would thus be renewed again.

13.Embroidered Work:

If you have passion for embroidery, you can utilize your creative side. You can embroider some exclusive design for the couple along with their names and present it to them. If you do not know such art-work, you can purchase similar ones from the market. You can personalize with conveying message on the covering or top of the embroidery along with their names and date of the event.

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Written by Smita Diwan

Smita Diwan is a Media & Communication evangelist with 15+ years of steady growth. She has served across diverse verticals of Broadcast Journalism, Corporate Communications, Digital Media and Public Relations. A fitness enthusiast, Smita devotes her ‘rare’ free-time to yoga and meditation. As she strongly believes that the right balance is the key to steady growth.

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