Getting inked? Read on, it may help!

Tattoos have become a trend these days. Most of us have got it done and many are contemplating where to get it done and which design to opt for. These tattoos are basically ‘spiritual’ in nature. Traditional tattoos involve images of eagle, anchors and ships. Pick your preference and here are some best locations to get inked !


Get the ‘yantra tattoos’ at Wat Bang Phra in Thailand where tattoos are designed by Buddhist monks. These tattoos are believed to bestow upon the wearer the blessing of good luck, protection and mystical strength. Ancient Cambodian designs and those of animals like tigers and monkeys are common. Angelina Jolie is known have got one made from here.

New Zealand

The indigenous culture of North Island in New Zealand bring you the complex designs commonly known as ‘ta moko’. In these kinds, story of an individual is depicted in the form of a tattoo. Traditional tattooists used to make it using a chisel made of bone, but now they use modern techniques that are less painful.


The man famous for his ink work, Horiyoshi III, who has his tattoo museum in Yokohama in Japan, is mainly known for the famous full-body tattoos that involve the making of mystical images, peonies, koi and intertwining dragons. The process is undoubtedly lengthy and the weekly visits may extend for five long years.


The Big Tattoo Show on Earth takes place in Las Vegas in the month of October. Over 40,000 tattooists meet at this show every year. This place provides you with the tattoo in the midst of a little alcohol and the thumping beats of music.

Tattoos are commonly done on wrists, lower back, chest, ankle, upper arm, biceps, back of the neck, belly button, shoulders, fingers, upper arm, love handles and even on face. Well, your entire body is a canvas for tattoos, what say!