Getting Cold Feet Before Your Big Wedding Day? Here Is What To Do

You were all excited about your wedding. You did the shopping, you took those slimming classes in the gym, you have been eating healthy so that you skin glow on the big day but suddenly this chilling fear has gripped you. The thought of spending your entire life with someone seems a bit scary. You are now thinking about how your entire life is going to be changed in a matter of days!

Well, it happens with a lot of to-be-brides and there is nothing to worry about. It could be the thought of committing to one person for the rest of your life, or the panic over 200 guests flying in for the wedding or an argument over some wedding arrangement, there can be multiple reasons which can trigger you getting cold feet right before the wedding.

Here is what to do, if you get cold feet-

Think about the reasons you wanted to get married in the first place

If you happen to second guess yourself and catch yourself thinking about things like whether you should have waited a little more or whether it is the right thing to do or whatever or not you are ready to settle in, take a long deep breath and sleep over it for some time. Then, with fresh perspective, revisit everything you thought right before your decided that you wanted to get married. Think about all the reasons which led you to this very day and you would be fine.

Try to shrug off the peripheral issues and don’t let them get to you

Things like wedding arrangements, guests flying in from other cities, their staying arrangements are peripheral issues. If some guest got offended for some reason, just don’t pay heed. These things should not give you so much stress. After all, it is your day and no body has the right to ruin it for you. If someone really wants you to be happy, they would not bother you over petty things.

Talk to your friends

When you are getting cold feet, your bestie can come to your rescue. She can calm your down and she is probably the best bet to make you comfortable and at peace with everything. After all, she is your bestie and she knows a great deal about you and hence, can totally guide you.

What do you think?

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