How to Get The Perfect Red Pout ?

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Lets admit it, all of us girls drool over those perfectly shaped, evenly done, ever-so-gorgeous red lips. But getting that pout just right can be quite tricky. Red as a color is so striking that one wrong stroke can make it look messy and your lips ugly (yes, ugly!) May be that’s the reason why most of us have second thoughts before trying it. Well, just so you don’t need to shy away from having this beautiful color on your lips,  here is a step by step guide to make your task just a wee bit easier!

  • Exfoliate: Yes, you need to exfoliate your lips too to clear up the dead skin. The best way is to use a soft, clean and dry toothbrush. Brush your lips gently and wipe with a soft cotton pad. Make sure you brush the four corners of the lips well since this is where the dead skin tends to accumulate the most. I prefer using a toothbrush since once you are done, it gives a fuller look to the lips.Lip Outliner
  • Concealer:  Once thoroughly scrubbed, apply a little amount of concealer on the lips. Make sure not to overdo this. Just a drop would be enough. This will cover the darker part of the lips and give them an even look. I prefer the Very Me Cover Up Concealer Stick from Oriflame for this.concealer
  • Outline: This is a very important bit as it builds up the base. Use a nude lip liner to draw the outline of the lips. Remember, to get a nice and full pout, the lips must be lined more towards the outside than the inside. Nude Pink 007 by Colorbar will be a good choice.
  • Fill in: Once you have perfected the outline, fill in the inside of the lips with the same nude color (you can use the nude lip liner in case you don’t have a matching nude lip color). Make sure the inside of the lip is one shade lighter than the outline.
  • The First Coat: Now use a red lip liner (the same shade as your lipstick) and cover the outline with it. Make sure you cover the nude lip liner completely. Then use your lipstick (Relentlessly Red from Mac preferably) to apply the first coat. Apply it evenly all over, but only one coat. Use a lip brush to fill in anywhere if needed.
  • Make it non-transferable: We end up worrying too much about how long will our lip color last, especially after all the effort. However, with this simple tip, you can make sure your color lasts longer than you thought. Just use a tissue paper (make sure it’s thin) and spread it over your lips so that it covers them completely. Now take a brush and dab it into a face powder or a face primer (powder, not cream). Apply this on your lips over the tissue paper. Just to make sure, repeat this procedure after the final coat.
  • Final Coat: Apply a good dose of the red lip color evenly as the final coat. Finish it up with the Perfect Pout lip gloss from Colorbar.


Go ahead, try it and let us know if this tutorial was helpful!  

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