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Flowing along the time of changing trends in relationships, the feeling of love remains the same. A relationship between man and woman is always stressed, just like the two sides of a coin. Both are right and wrong at the same time. As each individual flows in the river of emotions, one by one each enters a consort with another of opposite sex, in order to grow as an individual or seek peace and find oneself. In the spirit of seeking oneself, an individual is mostly lost and a person of two fold power is evolved.

It is a fact that no marriage or relationship is perfect, as no individual in the relationship is perfect. It is the zest for moving forward, growing together and making things work as a partner for life. Here are some clues to improvise on some common flaws:

It is Your Decision

In a relationship technically there are only two people involved, but emotionally there are as many as hundreds. It is very important to understand the nature of your own relation with your mate and take wise decision based on the scenarios. Taking guidance or sharing feeling with others is good, but the decision must be solely yours. It is not only you in a relationship, also the person you selected to be your mate, so it is important to think/respect of your partner as well.

Do Not Change What You Fell For

Remember the feeling that you had when you first met your partner? Has it changed over the time, because you think your partner has changed? These questions arises when the two people begin to grow and priorities changes with time and age. Keep the feeling alive, within yourself and your partner. The times change, but love does not.

Be Silly

As time changes and we start growing, small silly things as a teenager or initial stages of love we did, is stopped. Repeating such things or showing some affections once in a while or making each other smile once a day is all needed to keep a healthy relation. Some silly ideas can be jokes that your partner likes, or a tickle, or anything as you both would enjoy.

Keep on Growing

In a relationship of two, there are individuals as well. Growth of individuals leads to the growth of the relationship as well. Just imagine two people stuck in one room forever, who claustrophobic. Give space, individuality and time to explore one’s own interest and respect it. At this hour, it is important to keep in trust to the relation.

Dream Big

Make your partner, part of your life. Involve each other in the dreams that you forward for. Something like, going for a holiday, or buying a new car, etc. Grow with your dreams and share. Spend time to discuss your dreams and see them fulfilled along with the person, you love the most.

What do you think?

Written by Madhurima

Madhurima is an amazing girl and feature writer from Delhi. To pep up her day, all she needs is a mug of black coffee, countryside music and a good read. If she is not in office you will find her shopping for magazines, browsing through books, exploring gastronomy at new outlets, or engaged in dialogues on how to live a happy life

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