Follow These 8 Rules To Save Money While Going Out To Eat

Going out to eat lets you to unwind from the stresses of the day and enjoy food with great ambiance. Sometimes it is just a matter of laziness but more often than not, you go out when you get the craving for dishes which are time-consuming and challenging to make at home.
However, if you are on a tight budget, going out can as well take a toll on your pocket. That’s why we have brought to you 8 rules which you can follow to save money,while going out to eat-.

1. Make Use Of Happy Hours And Weekday Discounts

When we say happy hours, the mind starts wandering to beer, wine, and cocktails. But happy hours are not just about alcoholic drinks. During happy hours, restaurants provide great deals on food and non-alcoholic drinks as well.
Moreover, there are discounts in most of the places in weekdays especially Mondays and Tuesdays because restaurants want to fill the seats and the starting of the week is notoriously slow for them.

2. Go For Lunch Instead Of Dinner

Try going for lunch and save yourself a few hundred bucks. This is because fewer people go for lunch and hence it is cheaper owing to the discounts.

3. Skip the bottled water and beverages

It is a fact that restaurants make a killing off your drinks order. If you are going for food, skip lemonade. Make it a point to order non-bottled water. Also, don’t order dishes that you can easily make at home.
If you are going to spend money in a restaurant, it is a wise thing to order something that is difficult and time-consuming to make at home. This would not save you money as such, but also make sure that you get the best bang for your buck.

4. Use an app to split the bill (not evenly)-

In order to make sure that you don’t end up paying more than your share, use apps that let you split the bill in an equitable manner. Paying evenly is the right thing to do most of the times, but when you really had a garden salad, you don’t want to split your bill evenly with a friend who ordered 3 glasses of wine. There are plenty of apps which let you split the bill as per your share.

5. Put your credit card to good use-

Credit cards have cash backs and other deals when you use them at the restaurants. Take a moment to check if there is any such deal that your credit card is offering.

6. Skip the dessert and go to an ice cream parlor instead

The restaurants do inflate the pricing on the desserts that don’t even justify the hefty price you pay for them. You are better off skipping the deserts and going to a good dessert place or ice cream parlor afterward, who won’t rip you off, for a dessert and even if they do, they would give you something worth the price.

7. Get the birthday discount or a free cake

You might be thinking that a birthday discount is once in a year kind of thing. But multiply it by the number of members in your family. That’s how many times you can get a birthday discount. Find out about such deals well in advance.

8. Use your inbox

Do you know that the place from where you would get the best of the deals is right under your nose? It is your email inbox. If you can get 10-20% off, it is worth it to navigate through your cluttered inbox.

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