Flower Inspired Skin Care Regimen

The numbers of products we experiment with in order to get the perfect skin are endless. But out of all these products, none gives us the skin we dream for. We also try to switch to natural products but somehow, even then we fail to achieve the flawless glow. One way to achieve your skin goals and make soft and smooth is adopting a flower inspired skin care regimen Yes! You read it right!

Flowers indeed look supple and beautiful and they have the properties to make your skin look that way too. Want to know how a flower skin care regimen can transform your skin?

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Rose: Often called as the prettiest flower, it can make your skin look pretty, with that natural red glow. It has unique hydrating properties which can heal dry skin. It can purify the skin and preserve its moisture and hence, a rose toner would be perfect to be used.1476094371_tmp_rose

Hibiscus: This flower has got many medicinal properties. It can control the aging of the skin and also tones, tightens and moisturizes the skin. It is also helpful for controlling the oil production on skin. A moisturizer with hibiscus extracts will be perfect for normal to oily skin.1476094054_tmp_hibiscus

Lotus: It effectively soothes dry skin. Hence, if you have a rough and dry skin which is causing dark spots and pigmentation, you can use any product with a lotus extract. This flower is an effective skin conditioner which would also help in avoiding the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines.

Lavender: Lavender is a wonder flower as its extract can be of benefit to every skin type. It mainly normalizes the oily, sensitive and dry skin types as it balances the sebum production on the skin. It also gives relief to a stressed skin and hence, it is perfect to be used at night. You can use Lavender containing night cream or moisturizer.1476094207_tmp_lavender

Jasmine: The wax content in Jasmine flowers offers extraordinary skin care. It mainly increases blood circulation which provides skin with an inner glow, without any makeup.1476094123_tmp_jasmine

Flowers can indeed do wonders to your skin if a regular regimen is adopted where all flower inspired skin care range is used. Let us know your experience with flowers if you try any of them in the comments down below.

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