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Flaunt the Marathi Look this Festive Season

Are you sure of being equipped with items needed to look gorgeous in your Maharashtrian dress for the festive season ?

Flaunt that Marathi Look

Maharashtrians have their traditional costumes to be done during their festivities. Are you sure of being equipped with items needed to look gorgeous in your Maharashtrian dress for the Ganesh Bappa’s visarjan ? If not, here are some of the things that you need to keep handy.

1. Traditional Maharashtrian sarees

Some of the sarees mostly worn by the women folk of Maharashtra are the Paithani, Kasta and the Nauavri Paithani sarees. These are colourful nine yard sarees. The sarees worn in a traditional fashion can give you sensual look as you can flaunt your slim waist. The colours that go well during the festive occasion are blue, yellow, purple and pink.

2. Flaunt the Nath (Nose Ring)

Ganesh Chaturthi is the occasion when you can take out the nath gifted by your grandmother or your mother. It brightens up your look by adding glamour to the saree.

3. Golden chains or necklaces

When you are dressing the traditional style go for 2-3 golden chains of different lengths. Keep away your imitations. It is time to get gorgeous and therefore, take out your gold jewellery box. In Marathi culture gold is to be worn on auspicious occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi.

4. The flowery bun

Wearing the hair in a bun is part of the Maharashtrian style of dressing. Beautify your bun with colourful flowers. You can see yourself looking glamorous instantly.
Jingle of golden bangles: Make your presence felt with the lovely jingling of four round and thick gold bangles.

5. Baju band

Wear the baju band, the symbol of Marathi culture, on the upper arm. They are available in gold and in pearl as well. The pearl baju bands can be worn when you are wearing light colour sarees like pink, yellow or mauve.

6. Jhumka

Jhumkas are the best earrings that go with Maharashtrian sarees. The shine of the jhumkas add to your glamorous look.

It does’t take much time to put together the beautiful and evergreen Marathi Look for you. So go out flaunt your traditional style in this festive season !

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