Flaunt your gorgeous tress with Sunsilk Radiant Shine

Are you having a meeting at office? Worrying about having to brave the awful pollutant to keep your hair shining? Or is your college fest scheduled in the evening before which you cannot afford a quick wash for a shiny shine? Ladies, it’s rather time to bid goodbye to your limp and dull hair! Surprised? Well, Sunsilk helps remove that crease from your forehead. How?

Sunsilk, the brand name for hair care products from Unilever, has launched its new hair care range – Sunsilk Radiant Shine. This is a product designed by Sunsilk’s in-house team of experts with Jamal Hammadi, the internationally acclaimed hair shine expert. Sunsilk Radiant Shine comes with a shampoo and a conditioner that promise to keep the hair shining for long hours throughout the day. The product acts as your best friend to help you maintain your vibrant persona throughout the day irrespective of the weather.

The Sunsilk Radiant Shine products are a light fusion of oils from Jojoba, Argon, Olive, Camellia and Almond. These are ingredients that are proven to have wonderful effects on hair problems. The light oils extracted from these ingredients permeate the three layers of the scalp and gives the hair a natural sheen that stays throughout the day. The products ensure that the hair gets its necessary nourishment at regular intervals. This effect is specially achieved when the Sunsilk Radiant Shine shampoo is used in combination with the conditioner.

Let’s see what the reviews say about the products.

Shampoo :

The texture of the shampoo is runny but it forms lather rather easily and cleanses the hair without robbing it of its moisture. It adds shine even to the frizz while the softness can be felt throughout the day.

Conditioner :

The conditioner comes with a semi-creamy texture that spreads fast on wet hair and can also be easily washed off. This is also formulated to add softness to the hair and shine to the frizz.

Users are happy with the shine and lustre they have experienced. Hair is no longer dull and weighed down.

The effective packaging and pricing are also two factors that have contributed to the popularity of the products. Both shampoo and conditioner some in flip-top packs that is easy to use and carry. The shampoo is priced at Rs112 for 180ml and Rs192 for 340 ml. The conditioner is priced at Rs56 for 80ml and Rs112 for 180ml.

Girls, it’s time to enjoy the effects of oiling and washing with Sunsilk Radiant Shine at your disposal. Let loose your curls, enjoy the breeze pass through the stands and shrug off all horrible hair worries.

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