Fitness Freak Here Are Some Safe Pregnancy Workouts

For most first-time pregnant ladies, pregnancy brings those nine months where they can endlessly rest. However, according to doctors, regular exercise during pregnancy not just reduces the risk of excess weight gain, but also keeps the heart’s health in check. Even a small amount of pregnancy exercise can give the unborn child a healthy start.

A well-chosen pregnancy exercise plan can significantly decrease constipation and fatigue while boosting energy levels and mood. Moreover, a well-crafted pregnancy exercise plan also improves muscle strength and enhances sleep.


A good way to start is by taking a quick walk in your society or around the neighbourhood. Make a brisk walking schedule for everyday and follow it diligently. The best thing about walking is that it doesn’t require any membership or special equipment. A comfy pair of shoes and an open space with a smooth surface are all you need. You can tailor the walking speed according to your fitness level and go ahead with this cardiovascular workout.

The centre of gravity changes as pregnancy progresses and women often lose their sense of coordination and balance. Thus, wearing supportive footwear, avoiding potholes, rocks, and other obstacles is advisable.


There are so many yoga centres that offer prenatal yoga classes. Yoga helps maintain flexibility and keeps the joints limber. Furthermore, it stimulates blood circulation, strengthens muscles, and contributes to healthy blood pressure  . Skip positions that require lying down on the abdomen and may cause you to overbalance, as the pregnancy progresses. Practice mild yoga as the pregnancy progresses, and till the time your body allows you.


For a better range of motion, consider swimming. The buoyancy of water offers relief from extra weight. Walking in water and aqua aerobics are also great for health during pregnancy. Make sure you are not doing any stroke that hurts the back muscles, shoulders, or neck. Breaststroke is advised by most doctors. Don’t dive or jump in the pool and avoid warm pools. When entering the water, hold railings tightly to avoid slipping.

Mild Weight Training

Once the baby becomes a part of the world, all the weight training that you had done pre-delivery will come handy. Lifting weights prepares the body and strengthens the muscles surrounding the joints. Make sure you are not lifting too heavy weights and only performing weightlifting exercises under the guidance of an expert.


This pregnancy exercise focuses on strengthening the core. The best part is that Pilates makes you ready for the delivery room. This pregnancy exercise improves flexibility, reduces pain, and helps maintain the posture as pregnancy progresses. However, make sure you are only joining a professional prenatal Pilates class so that you don’t cause any harm to the unborn child.

Stationary Cycling

Let’s admit it, this pregnancy exercise is fun and safe as well. This exercise takes pressure off the joints and maintains the blood flow. Adjust the tension on the bike according to your will and don’t push too much if you are feeling overheated or tired. If you don’t have stationary cycling equipment at your home, you can join a group class.

Take Care of Yourself

While performing these effective pregnancy workouts, be sure of being extra careful. You must take care of both your body and the baby. Stay calm and composed while exercising and you will definitely notice a positive change in your mood and body. For other tips on pregnancy, baby care and exercise, you can head to digital platforms like Momspresso. Such platforms offer in-depth knowledge about pregnancy, after birth care, and a lot more. New mothers can reap a lot of benefits from such platforms.

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