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Female Authors: Here’s How You Can Succeed With Your Book!

Women are eager and determined to tell their stories. Even fluffy genres like romance can weave in important cultural and political moments and address social issues.

Female Authors
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Due to women’s unfair status in male-dominated civilizations, the tradition of women writing has been widely overlooked. It is not yet uncommon to find literature classes or collections in which females are vastly outnumbered by male authors, if not completely absent. The burden of women’s literature, then, is to categorise and create a field of study for a group of people marginalised by history, and to explore their lives as they were while occupying such a unique socio-political space within their culture through their writing.

Women’s writing is critical

Women’s writing is critical for our representation; however, there are some male authors who appear to struggle with trying to write female characters and are hesitant to seek advice from their female friends. Women are eager and determined to tell their stories. Even fluffy genres like romance can weave in important cultural and political moments and address social issues.

What kind of books are likely to get published?

A great story with a strong range of characters is required in fiction, and good research, facts, and analysis are required in nonfiction. It could even be a fresh take on a previously discussed subject. The quality of the writing distinguishes a manuscript. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find, and it hits you right away. The rigour, point of view, and thoroughness of nonfiction.

All publishing companies have submission guidelines, and aspiring writers could perhaps follow them when submitting a proposal, including a strong covering letter.

Don’t expect to sell a publisher on the basis of an idea alone—agents won’t take on new clients without a complete manuscript, and most publishing houses don’t accept un-agented submissions. So go ahead and finish the book! Nonfiction is the only exception to the “write it first” rule—you can request an agent with just an overview and a few sample chapters in this genre. That being said, non-fiction writers aren’t generally picked up purely for their written work, but rather because of their existing personal platform and contacts.

Patience is required:

Editors typically purchase books a year or more before they are released. So, if you decided to sell your book tonight, you might have a final copy in your hands in 18 months—if you’re fortunate. Publishing houses must budget for numerous rewrites as well as adequate time to coordinate publicity, sales, and advertising. In short, your book may take a long time to reach the shelves of a bookstore. So be patient.

Pro tip: Use apps like Wattpad to write. If you’re unfamiliar with Wattpad, it’s a free app (and website) that allows writers and readers to explore and share stories. Many books have been published after being written on Wattpad. If you want to be published, start taking writing classes and work on improving your craft. Look for ways to get your ideas published by approaching publishers. Wattpad is also full of opportunities to gain exposure — from reader-nominated and run contests to Wattpad’s own annual Watty Awards — there are numerous ways to connect with readers on the platform. Don’t expect teenagers who publish One-shots and Boyfriend scenarios to assist you to get noticed by publishers.

Female Authors: While you’re at it, read some more female-written stories!

Reading more women helps to balance and broaden your knowledge of the world created by literature. I’m not ashamed to admit that, despite being a member of the fraternity, reading more women provided me with a new perspective across genres.

It’s reassuring to know that there are so many others who share your viewpoints and have unique perspectives to offer on issues you may believe you’re well-versed in. This is why I believe it is critical that not only men but also women, read more female authors. Their works will fill you with a comforting and inspiring sense of sisterhood.

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