Actresses who flaunt natural curly hair

Curly hair seems to be getting popular in the Indian context, as more female leads are sporting curly hair for different kinds of roles in movies. This is quite refreshing considering straight hair was extremely popular for a long time, and only women in villainous roles used to have curly hair in the beginning.

The west has been much more appreciative of curls, and who can forget Julia Roberts taking off the blonde wig to reveal beautiful red curly hair in the movie Pretty Woman, her natural color and style. Heres looking at more female leads in Indian and Western cinema who look absolutely lovely in their natural curls!

Madhuri Dixit

She owned it even when the industry wasn’t too comfortable with the idea of thick curly hair, and she wore it so well. In all the movies that we loved, her beauty was always accentuated by the mass of brown curls that framed her face. Our beauty queen of all time looks most beautiful in her natural hair style.

Kate Winslet
Her entry in Titanic as the affluent 17 year old was somehow highlighted by the mass of rich red curls, giving her an aura of elegance. Kate Winslet has tried many a hair-do since, but for most of us she remains the beautiful brunette, timeless like her first movie.

Kangana Ranaut

Curly hair made a comeback in Hindi movies with her in her movie ‘gangster’. And even after that, she has sported the curly haired look in many of her movies, making the curly haired look as beautiful as the much envied straight jet black hair that most of the female leads are shown having. By putting curls back on the map, she has done us a huge favor, as she definitely looks her best in them!

Kate Hudson
One cannot think of this actor without thinking of the amazing movies she has done, as a cheerful and spirited woman complete with bouncing golden locks of hair. She looks so beautiful with her curls on, and she brings an essential elegance to the idea of shiny blonde hair. She wears it like she loves it, and so do we.

Genelia D’souza

What does the average tom boy look like these days? Ask Genelia in her first Hindi movie, Jaane tu ya jaane na. She plays a girl who lives life on her own terms from having a funeral for her cat to picking up fights for no reason. And somehow, equally rebellious are her soft curls that somehow fit in perfectly with the character she played. One of the Hindi movie actors who looks absolutely gorgeous, innocent and light hearted with her natural curls.

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