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Fathers’ Day: 15 Special Ideas to Celebrate the Day

The best gift to our loving dads could be the ‘Gift of Time.’

Fathers day

The third Sunday of ‘June’ is recognized, in honour of all doting fathers, for their untiring contribution and efforts. This year, ‘Fathers’ Day’ will be celebrated on 20th June. Well, each year we think of making this day more memorable and different from the previous ones. But the best gift to our loving dads could be the ‘Gift of Time.’ Because nothing can replace the grit and warmth of time that we spent in making memories with our family. So, I have come up with some of the most unconventional ideas that you can refer to for celebrating this year’s ‘Fathers’ Day’.

15 Special Ideas to Celebrate Fathers’ Day:

1. Decorate home with ‘Dad Special’ theme

Decorate your home with a ‘Dad Special’ theme alongside string lights and candles. Place the memorable pictures in photo frames from some trip, festive celebration or outing together. Add a few notes having short messages on the string lights to make it more special.

2. Backyard picnic

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Plan a picnic in your backyard or garden by arranging all the necessary stuff such as snacks, dishes and coke. Make sure that you arrange/ cook your father’s favourite dishes. Place a bed sheet under the calm environment of a shady tree and enjoy the time with your family.

3. Outdoor movie

Make arrangements for an outdoor night movie in your backyard by selecting a Father’s Day special film. Decorate the environment with string lights to give a perfect celebration look. Bring out a bowl of popcorn and his favourite snacks to celebrate and enjoy the movie.

4. Gift him his favourite retro songs list

The best way of making someone feel special is by taking care of their wishes. So, show your appreciation towards your dad by selecting the favourite retro songs of his choice and make a playlist of them. He will surely love it.

5. Photobook

Beautiful memories in the form of pictures are an incredible way of treasuring cherished moments. So, make a memorable photo book consisting of pictures right from his childhood to date. This will turn out to be a great surprise for your dad as it will showcase his memory throughout the incredible journey.

6. Cook a special dish for him

Treat your dad by cooking a special dish for him. He will definitely be happy to see your cooking skills.

7. Sing a song for him

Prepare a song that could be his favourite song or you can prepare your own lyrics as a Fathers’ Day special song. Dedicate the song to him.

8. Play a family game

Select some games that will bring all members of the family together to play them. Either you can choose from your father’s favourite game list or you can go for indoor games such as ludo, snake and ladder, business, tambola and cards.

9. Favourite set of books

Reading Books

Gift him a set of novels comprising books from different genres such as adventure, contemporary, historical fiction and humour. Make sure that you choose the novels from his favourite authors’ list. He will surely enjoy all these novels.

10. Gift him an online art class

Gift him some online art class subscription in the form of drawing, painting, singing or learning any musical instrument. This will give him a chance to learn and explore something new and build a hobby.

11. Go for a long drive

Go for a long drive and feel the freshness of the environment in its calmness. Play soothing music in the background. This will give him a kind of smooth and relaxed feeling.

12. Play the guitar for him (or any music instrument)

Learn guitar chords on some of the Fathers’ Day special songs and play them in front of him. He will enjoy it and will be happy to see you playing the guitar.

13. Go for a hike

Plan for a nature-filled walk on the trail of any nearby mountain, hill or lake for the celebration. Take the necessary hiking stuff along with you and enjoy the scenic view from the top of the hill.

14. Take him shopping

This Fathers’ Day, take your dad for shopping and help him in selecting the stuff. He will love the idea of shopping.

15. Backyard Camping

Backyard Camping is a perfect way of relaxing and feeling close to nature. For this, decorate the outdoors, surrounded by lights. Enjoy the time with your family alongside a bonfire, music and food. This will surely be a perfect ‘Gift of Time’ for your dad.

Some ideas may not be possible because of the current pandemic scenario, but you can save the ideas and treat your father whenever possible.

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Written by Swati Mor

Pursuing her doctorate studies, Swati always looks for unexplored potential in different genres and love to pen down her thoughts. She also enjoys reading about gadgets, technologies, historical art and culture.

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