Exciting Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

‘I’m Jewish and my wife isn’t so right now we’re literally decorating a Christmas tree with Jewish stars draped around it.’ said Max Greenfield. They seem to have found their quirky festivity. Have you found yours? No? With the fast approaching festive season, let us help you out with a few ideas for your own unique quirky festivity.

Winter Wonderland

You could make a tiny picket fence around your Christmas tree; have toy reindeer and sleds, snow spray, Santa Claus and lights. Imagine that! Having a snow globe-sized winter wonderland to keep your Christmas tree company! You will have brought a piece of the season tree

DIY Ornaments

Make the best of what you have. It could be anything from strings of raw coloured macaroni and beads, painted baubles, paper origami to drawings and stitched puppets. Go crazy and let that artist within add a personal touch to your Christmas tree this year.


Invite nature to your house to celebrate Christmas with you. Perch it on your tree as you enjoy all the season has to offer. Decorate your tree with leaves, flowers, fruits, cleaned pebbles of various colours. In fact, go take a walk and pick up what catches your eye as an interesting embellishment to make your tree look special this year.


Let the star atop the tree not be the only light upon the Christmas tree this year. Light up your Christmas tree with handmade and other pretty lanterns, strings of lights and see how prettily it shines upon your whole house. As some people generally say, enjoy a couple of meals illuminated only by the Christmas tree, this season.


Let the season’s wintry cosy fragrances and aromas come wafting upon the breezes entering your house this season…How do you do this? You hang pine cones and tiny covered hanging glass candle stands with aroma candles. You could also burn incense at some distance from the tree, so you don’t end up setting your tree ablaze. You can add packets of cookies to the decoration, simply for the aroma and sprinkle pot pourri all over the tree.


This is one of the most fun ways to decorate your Christmas tree. Make edible decorations. As simple as that! You could make strings of popcorn, marshmallows and berries. You could also make decorations of chocolate and marzipan. To add to this, you could add the traditional candy canes, small fruits and other tiny feasts. Just put on your chef’s hats and aprons and get to making that tree look deliciously beautiful!


This Christmas, decorate your tree with little post-its, decorative cards and notes with messages of love and the spirit of Christmas for each family member and friend. You could also put up the miraculous moments of the season captured on snapshots. The famous ‘Anonymous’, has said ‘The best gifts in life will never be found under a Christmas tree! Those gifts are friends, family, kids and the one you love!’

These are just eight ways that we could think of to make your Christmas tree feel special, unique, loved and extraordinarily beautiful. If you do have any unique and special ideas, do come back and share them with us too and help make everyone’s Christmas exotic!

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Written by Puja Gokarn

A writer insanely in love with writing...who knows and has no way other than to love writing as much as she does...enjoys flavours of food, experiences, stories and words....savors life and longs for complete abandon and surrender in everything!


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  1. Getting all my cousins to decorate the tree this year along with me and I’m sure I can include some of your tips and tricks to make this season even more special <3

    Helen Dee

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