“Even though I Come From A Broken Home, I Believe In Marriage”, Says Arjun Kapoor

In an interview with Bombay Times, Arjun Kapoor talked at length about his relationship with Malaika Arora, their plans to get married. Arjun also shared how the tragedy of unfortunate passing away of his stepmother Sridevi brought not just the four siblings but the whole family together.

Talking about marriage, the actor had this to say,

“Even though I come from a broken home, I believe in marriage. I see a lot of happily married couples around. I believe it is a good option to have. But that doesn’t mean you can jump the gun and go straight to it. Life has to lead you to it. You have to discover things, enjoy the relationship’s ups and downs, and then see where it takes you.”

When asked about whether there is a peer pressure of getting married, given so many of his contempories tied the knot in past 2 years, Arjun said,

“Peer pressure hota hai pehli drink peeney ke liye. Shaadi ke liye peer pressure nahi hota. That’s a teenage thing. When you are mature enough to take decisions on your own, peer pressure doesn’t matter. Nobody can ever tell me what to do. You need to feel these things from within. That’s the way it should be. Well-wishers can always tell you what they think. They are there to help you out, but at the end of the day, I know my family and friends have always been respectful of who I am as a person. They will always be supportive, but nobody ever tells me that you must do something because everybody else is doing it.”

When asked to comment on the age gap between him and Malaika, Arjun said,

“I wouldn’t even want to speak about this and give it importance. It doesn’t matter to me, so I don’t want to justify anything.”

Arjun also spoke about his stepmother Sridevi’s demise and how much he values his bond with half-sisters Janhvi and Khusi.

“We are still discovering each other. It’s not easy. It’s still a work in progress. By the grace of God, people have been kind enough to have allowed us that space to grieve and come together, learn about each other. They are very good kids. I ideally wouldn’t have wished to meet them in these circumstances, but maybe we have to make the best out of the worst situation,” said Arjun.

He also revealed that Janhvi regretted not being around for the release of India’s Most Wanted.

“ The other day, Janhvi had come over for dinner. She felt bad that she wasn’t around for the release of my recent film. A year ago this relationship didn’t exist. It’s nice to have more people around you who support and encourage you and who you can share the smallest things of your life with. My dad feels happy that the four of us get along so well. It makes his life slightly simpler, even though he has to deal with most of it alone. At the end of the day, he has lost a partner. We, as kids, can only support him. This has brought our entire family together, not just the four of us. Anil chachu, Sunita chachi, Sanjay, Maheep, Sonam, Rhea… it’s like we all have become extra protective of each other. A loss makes you realise how delicate and unpredictable life is, which is a reality,” he said.

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