Essential Tips for Applying Eye Shadow

Women are quite conscious about beautifying their eyes because the eyes do a lot of talking. And that is why the application of eye shadow is so important. Even with light makeup on you can make your presence felt with a smashing pair of eyes. But if you are an amateur with applying make-up chances are that you might ruin your entire look. So, it is wise to learn how to apply eye shadow. Before learning the technique you know have a basic knowledge about the brushes used, the shapes of eye and which colour suits which shape.


1) The flat and stiff brush is used for applying colour to the eye lid. This brush is also used for creating a contour at the crease. Its stiffness makes it suitable for applying eye shadow along the lower lash line. 2) The pencil brush, as the name suggests, is used for colour application under the eye. Another important function of this brush is to smoke out the colour to provide a softer effect. The tip of the brush is also used to apply colour in a fine line along the crease of the brush. 3) The stiff dome brush which comes in various sizes is used for blending the colour across the eye lid and along the crease. This blending action is very important for giving the eye a smoky effect. 4) The soft dome brush which has soft bristles is also effective in providing a delicate touch of blended colours to the eyes.

Eye shapes

1) The almond shaped eye looks attractive with bronze and purple colour eye shadow. The smoky eye effect works best on this shape. Use the both the stiff and soft dome brushes for the effect. 2) Eyes with hooded lids need slight brightening so that the skin that folds on top of the eye lid does not look heavy. Use a colour a shade lighter than that of your skin. Use the dome brush for the action. 3) The round eyes need only as sweep of a soft shade across the lid. Avoid applying the colour in the crease. A deep shade should not be used all over as that will give a hollowed eye effect. The dark shade can be applied at the centre of the lid and then blended, carefully and subtly, on both sides to give the eye a sexy look.


The number of colours to be applied depends on your choice of colours. However, there are three shades namely the light, medium and dark shades that are applied. For a daily look you can use the light and the deeper shade. 1) First run the flat stiff brush on the light colour. Tap it so that the excess colour is dusted away. Apply the colour over the lid up to the crease. Sweep the brush in an upward movement but take care so that the colour does not reach the brow. 2) Run the brush on the deep shade now. Tap it to get rid of the excess colour. Apply the colour in the area of the crease. To create a contour, apply the deep shade at the corner of the eye that lies outward. Sweep the brush from the outer corner halfway towards the centre of the crease. Use the colour with light touches of the pencil brush. 3) Use the dome brush to blend both colours carefully so that no distinct line is seen.

Always use a good eye shadow base before applying the colour. This holds on to the colour preventing it from getting washed fade away even after several hours. Do not use shimmers if you have developed wrinkles on your eye lids.

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