Why is Esha Gupta Pouting Post Humshakals?


We just laid our hands on various versions of the duck face (also known as The Pout) thanks to Esha Gupta, who plays a hot doc in the recently released flick Humshakals. Not just her BFFs, this pretty lass has also managed to get co-star Riteish Deshmukh make that funny little duck face with her.

Even as movie buffs and critics have been trashing this Sajid Khan movie, which has already made a business of a whooping rs100cr FYI, let’s take a look at what made Esha flaunt that pout!

Humshakals revolves around the lives of two besties Ashok (Saif Ali Khan) and Kumar (Riteish Deshmukh) who are madly in love with Shanaya (Tamannaah Bhatia) and Mishti (Bipasha  Basu), which, of course is not really important here, as all these pretty girls do is flaunt their bikini bods all through the movie.  Ashok is our rich guy who has a multi millionaire father stuck in coma for the last six years. In comes the baddie Ram Kapoor who plays the wicked Mamaji eyeing daddy’s wealth. So he teams up with yet another wicked doctor Khan and tries to get rid of Ashok. All they have to do is mix a drug in his drink, and Kumar’s drink as well (for he is the bestie, has to feel the burnt, no?)!  So now that the duo have lost it in the head, they are sent to a mental asylum for treatment. Put your hands together for the hawt and sexy Dr Shivani (Esha Gupta) who gears up to treat them.  As the comedy of errors unfolds, we find that Ashok and Kumar’s lookalikes are being treated in the same hospital.  Dr.Shivani finds out the truth (who else would if not her, duh) and decides to discharge the dudes in distress. But as fate would have it, the wrong Ashok and Kumar get discharged instead! While the original Ashok and Kumar are stuck at the hospital they are introduced to Jhonny, a lookalike of Mamaji in one of the wards…phew! What ensues next is a series of mix ups and plotting and so on, well let’s not even try and get there!

While none of these make sense, the movie has some of the worst scenes and lines you could have ever thought of! From cocaine ke paranthe to a scantily clad Ram Kapoor (and Saif Ali Khan, and Retiesh Deshmukh), you will see it all here! As for the ladies, all they do, as mentioned earlier, is flaunt their hot bods and run around trees..err…beaches singing songs that were never required in the first place! While Bipasha has wasted her talent, Tamannaah and Esha need serious lessons in acting! Also read : How to click the best selfie tips

So what’s Esha been actually pouting about? We will answer that once we try to figure out what was she actually doing in the movie..sigh!!!

What do you think?

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