Enjoy being a water nymph with bath salts

Had a long day at work? You would surely love a shower or a warm bath to wash the stress away. The best way to make a warm bath more refreshing would be to add some bath salts to the water. Bath salts are available in various fragrances in the market. But you often feel confused about which one to purchase. There are 4 fragrances below that you can try to regain the lost energy for your fun time.


There is nothing as soothing as the smell of lavender flowers. The bath calms and relaxes every nerve of your body. The feeling is soothing and heavenly as the water invigorates your spirit and cleanses your skin. Soul flower brings you 400 gms of the lavender bath salt for just Rs.350.Bath Salts


Give your bath a new refreshing feel with the sandalwood fragrant bath salt. This is a magic mixture of natural oils with mineral salts. It moisturizer your skin and enriches it making you feel pampered. It also helps in relaxing the muscles and soothes the whole body as stress washes off. Tvam brings you 250 gms of the product at Rs.934.

Jasmine and Mogra

It is Tvam once again that brings you the gentle soothing effect of the Jasmine and Mogra fragrance in your bath salt. The muscles relax in the perfect blend of mineral salts and natural oils. You feel relieved of your whole days’ stress and insomnia too is driven away. You have to pay just Rs934 for 250 gms of the product.

Cinnamon bath salt

This comes in a set of two. The cinnamon bath salt is packed with a cinnamon black pepper essential oil. The cinnamon bath salt relieves the stiffness of the muscles and the joints and also removes pain. After the bath apply the cinnamon essential oil. It works wonders on your skin. The Nature’s Co brings you this set for only Rs600.

Bath Salts are complete stress busters. We suggest you to try them on a weekend when you have ample of time in hand. Fill your bathtub with water and add bath salt into it until it is completely dissolved and see the magic working on your body.

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