Engage Deodorants to Turn You on

ITC, one of India’s renowned companies, brings you the pleasure of enjoying a new range of deodorants. These are marketed as couple deodorants for they come in sets containing one for deo for women and one for men.

This range of new deo sprays from ITC promises freshness that lasts for 24 hours. The company claims to have crafted it to enhance the confidence and personal grooming of users.

The range comes in three pairs – Mate (for men) and Spell (for women), Rush (for men) and Blush (for women) and Urge (for men) and Tease (for women). The very names of the products show how they are designed to tickle the basic instincts of human nature – the ‘playful’ chemistry. An added benefit that comes with these pleasant fragrances is the capacity to control sweat. The less the odour the more you feel ‘engaged’.

The deodorants come in shaped cans which are priced at Rs160 each.Reviews show that users have already started enjoying the effects of the sprays. Blush gives the decent smell of roses which lasts from morning till the next day. This pleasant floral fragrance is opted for by many users. Spell which comes in a blue can gives you a fresh aquatic fragrance. The freshness lasts for more than 24 hours. And you obviously sweat less for a change. Tease comes in a yellow can and with a lemon fragrance. However, review says that this deo failed to last long unlike the ones mentioned above – not so engaging.

But, there is always a first time and we hope the first time experience of users with Engage won’t be too disheartening.

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