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5 Reasons Why Emily in Paris Should Be Your Next Binge Watch

After landing her dream job in Paris, Chicago marketing exec Emily Cooper embraces her adventurous new life while juggling work, friends and romance.

Well, we spent our entire last weekend watching Netflix’s latest hit – Emily In Paris. The first few scenes of the show weren’t taking us anywhere until Lily Collins aka Emily lands in Paris. The show has got everything that we would have ever dreamt and things that make us fall in love with Paris. From the beautiful clothes to French café’s, French food, and its chic fashion; Sex and the City creator Darren Star doesn’t fail us to impress.

For some it might look very unrealistic but hell yeah we know it’s on Netflix and we are all watching it for fun, fantasy and to motivate ourself and surely to escape from the pandemic scene around us.

  1. Social media game on point: Emily who comes to Paris to take charge of the French company’s social media and she is literally living her life on Instagram @emilyinparis with showcasing her life in Paris. What really clicked us we all have seen Emily like a person in our own offices and trying to post that selfie with a pout, next meal she’s had or the brands that she flaunts in office. The character itself is relatable and relevant. The way Netflix tries to capture the graphic/chats/Instagram live in between makes the audience to go and post the next minute so the director wins the game by making her influencer. Certainly, it is a show for the millennials


  1. The actress who plays Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) in Emily in Paris is indeed an epitome of chic and fashion star! Even though she is so high on attitude and very rude with Emily and there are times when you just to knock her off on the face for playing for being rude with Emily but certainly you can’t take your eyes for all the French beauty and super chic looks she brings in to the character.


  1. Marketing firm over influencer marketing: There comes a point when Emily tells the owner of the makeup brand Duree that the influencer doesn’t care about the brand and they care about their own promotion and marketing firm could bring in the creative approach just rang some bell into brands mind so next time you have that influencers meet please think if you want to get more creative with your brand or bombard that event with silly influencers.


  1. Emily’s persuasiveness: Even though Emily’s French colleagues are a little too rude, unwelcoming, and averse to her crass American ideas and American ways. Emily never gives up and she all bubbling with ideas and ultimately wins the heart of her colleagues.


  1. French Experience: We have seen so many reviews backlashing the series for not using correct French and how it isn’t culture and why doesn’t really fit into European bill but let’s leave the drama behind watch it for it’s fun, rom-com and to pick up some French words while we converse with our girlfriends 😉

So, if you have binge-watch plans for the coming weekend, let Emily in Paris be it!

What do you think?

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