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Embrace Yourself With KICA’s New Collection

KICA Champions women from different walks of life who chose to embrace themselves as they are, with this unique campaign.

KICA Embrace

Kica, a homegrown athleisure brand for women, has launched their winter campaign ‘Embrace’ to showcase their new range of products, carefully crafted to assure high quality, extreme comfort, and functional wear.

But Embrace is not just a collection, but a feeling that KICA wants to champion with women across the board. This new campaign revolves around the theme of embracing yourself and feeling confident and happy in your own skin.

Five incredible women from different walks of life came together for this campaign where each shared their respective journey and how they embraced their successes and more importantly, their failures.

1. Reeti Sahai is a passionate runner who has her own group called ‘Run with Reeti’ for people of all ages and backgrounds to hit the track. When asked how her journey has helped her, she said, “I am more aware of what I want. I think I have embraced myself as who I am – with my flaws, the way I look, the things I do and it’s helped me to be me.”

2. Nitasha Biswas, a celebrated transgender model who has won several beauty pageants says that “determination and focus is something that I always followed so I always knew what I wanted.”

3. Aabha Bakaya, Senior Business anchor and founder of ‘Ladies Who Lead’, believes that “we need to be kind to each other as everyone is on their own journey. There is a balance to be found in order to find a little bit more of you, in the bigger picture, without compromising on yourself.”

4. An advocate for body positivity, Neelakshi Singh, an influencer uses her platform to showcase and speak about her own views on fashion. “It’s been a huge challenge for me but truly embracing myself is something that I have come to learn from my eating disorder to where I am today,” she said.

5. Mrigna Chawla, qualified nutritionist added, “My personal journey towards transformational weight loss after having severe PCOS was sustainable only because I gamified it and enjoyed the process. This positive impact led me to switch careers and train as a nutritionist to further beable to help others in their own journeys towards fitness.”

Talking about the campaign, Aneesha Labroo, founder of Kica, says, “Our vision is to help women feel empowered, beautiful, and confident in their own skin. As we launch our winter collection, we want to embrace it with warmth and inclusion. We value all women and aim to empower them through the ‘Embrace’ campaign which is about being true to yourself”

The functionality, comfort, and flexibility of KICA Embrace aims to motivate women to be active and feel their best.

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