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Five Electric Scooter Options That You May Consider

With new environment-friendly trends in the market, the shift towards EVs or Electric Vehicles only seems feasible. Climate change is the most talked topic in various global forums, and one solution to tackle this problem is the promotion of Electric vehicles. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has recently proposed Green Tax to encourage newer, less polluting vehicles. 

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Benefits of EVs:

Apart from being eco-friendly by its complete jettison of fossil fuels, EVs are also cost-effective and easy to maintain. In addition, Governments are also coming up with various schemes to establish the idea of these alternate options for the Indian Citizens. Delhi Government plans to provide subsidies of up to Rupees 30,000 on Two-wheeler and Rupees 1.5 Lakh on Four-wheeler EVs. They are also available at convenient EMI options offered by various financial institutions.

Two-wheeler EV Options :

1. Hero Electric Optima LA

Hero Electric Optima LA, CYAN
Hero Electric Optima LA, CYAN

Price: Rs. 44,990
Range: 50 km/charge
Top Speed: 25 Km/Hr
Full Charge: 8-10 Hrs
It comes in cyan, matte red, and matte grey colour options with a standard warranty of 3 years (1 year On Battery). 

2. Hero Electric Flash

Hero Electric Flash
Hero Electric Flash

Price: Rs. 39,990 – 52,990
Range: 60 km/charge
Top Speed: 40 Km/Hr
Full Charge: 4-5 Hrs
It comes with colour options of Silver and Red with a standard warranty of 3 years. Hero Electric Flash provides two alternatives- LA and LI with the latter being the top variant.

3. Komaki XGT KM

Komaki XGT KM
Komaki XGT KM

Price: Rs. 42,500
Range: 70-80 km/charge
Top Speed: 40 Km/Hr
Full Charge: 6-8 Hrs
It comes in Frost White, Garnet Red and Royal Blue colours. KOMAKI XGT KM is a family scooter with advanced security features as per the company. 

4. Benling Falcon 

Benling Falcon 
Benling Falcon

Price: Rs. 48,150 – 59,350
Range: 70-75 km/charge
Top Speed: 25 Km/Hr
Full Charge: 7 – 8 Hrs (VRLA), 4 Hrs (Li-Ion)
Benling India Falcon is introduced in 2 variants – LA and the top variant Falcon LI. Colour options given include pure white, shiny red and matt black.

5. PURE EV Epluto 

PURE EV Epluto 
PURE EV Epluto

Price: Rs. 67,999
Range: 85 km/charge
Top Speed: 25 Km/Hr
Full Charge: 4 Hrs
It offers a standard warranty of two years with an attractive modern design and multiple colour variants. There is also a newer and higher variant epluto 7G with 60KMPH Top Speed and 90 to 120 KM Range/charge with Rs 79,999 price tag. The company designs and manufactures EVs and Lithium batteries.

Epluto 7G
Epluto 7G

Charging Requirements:

Looking at the current demand, India will require close to 4 lakh charging stations by 2026. Government has already given the nod to set up e-charging kiosk at various petrol stations within India. EVs can also be charged at the convenience of your own home within a few hours. Government of India is planning to enhance the infrastructure for EVs for its ambitious plan to make India an EV-hub by 2030.

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