Dos and Dont’s of a Long Term Relationship

So you have finally found the right one? You think you can consider spending every morning waking up next to him for the rest of your life? Well then, hold him by the collar and just don’t let him go. However, we get so obsessed with the idea of having the right man all for ourselves that we end up making some fatal mistakes that ends up killing the relationship. Here is a list of some do’s and don’t’s, just so you be careful the next time!

Honesty and Transparency: Do not lie

Honesty is one of the strongest pillars of any long term relationship. Never ever give in to the temptation of lying about anything, even if it means admitting that you are a serial killer! It might be difficult initially, but your honesty will help sustaining the relationship in the long run. It will help grow the faith in each other. Plus, if you are really concerned about the impact of telling the truth, then don’t do hurtful things in the first place.Long Distance

Adapt and Adjust

Understand the fact that there is a difference between the words ‘compromising’ and ‘adapting’.   Learn to adjust to your partner’s ways and be accommodating. Do not crib about the fact that he snores or talks loudly over the phone. Unless you accept him with all these flaws, there is no way you can love him wholeheartedly. Of course, if there is something you simply can’t deal with…like if he comes home drunk every night or spends more time with female colleagues, take a call on whether you can talk and resolve the issue or simply need to walk out.adapt and adjust

Be yourself

Girls, you really don’t need to starve yourself or go overboard with skin showing dressing if you wish to please him. Be natural. If he is really into you, he will like you with all your curves and flab and if you really wish to be with him forever, you can’t be dieting forever no? Show him your real self. It’s okay if you spill your drink or burp or do something unladylike in front of him. Chances are, both of you will end up having a good laugh over this. Plus, in true love, such trivial issues don’t really matter.Be Bold

Understand, observe, admire

Listen more, talk less. Understand whatever he is trying to say. Hear him talk. Look into his eyes more often. Laugh at his jokes. Observe him closely but never judge. Initiate intelligent conversations. Men find all of these irresistibly sexy. Never try to show off all that you know. If you are really that cool, he will find it out eventually and love you deeper.Understand & Observe

Be sensuously sexy, not half naked

Dress up, but dress up well. You don’t need to be skimpily clad to get his attention. Wear what you are confident in. Classy men go for elegance. If you are confident an comfortable in your own skin, they will find you attractive even in an Eskimo robe.Look good

Do not flirt with other men

Nor spend too much time with them. You have a lot of cool male friends and you love to hang out with them, agreed, but spending too much time with them is harmful for your relationship. Learn how to balance. If you are in a group, pay more attention to him. However, never make people feel that you are all over him and showing too much coochie coo. PDA can be a major turn off. If you really wanna touch him or play, do it discreetly.. like steal a glance now and then or just touch the feet with yours. Keep these to yourself, not for the public though. Also, never make fun of him in front of your friends.

dont flirt

Be independent

Learn to take important decisions and take control of your life. Have your priorities straight and clear and he will be floored by you. A woman who knows her mind, can stand up for herself and can take care of her family is more attractive than plastic Barbie dolls loaded with make up. Instead of waiting for him to get you flowers, send him his favourite singer’s collection sometime.

Never overdo anything     

We often tend to get possessive or jealous and that’s okay. But never let these get the better of you. Give him his space. Understand that he has a life and an individuality of his own. If he likes to enjoy his beer while watching cricket, leave him alone just then. If he likes to see his buddies over the weekend, don’t question much. Understand the fact that this is how he is and his love for you will not change just because he spent a day with his family or friends.

Though these points are very important, first be sure of your feelings for him. Be sure that he is the right guy for you indeed. It is also important for him to reciprocate the same, otherwise everything you do becomes futile.

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Written by Swati Tewari

A dreamer, a reader...and a crazy party animal, who loves to write. Trying to create something different each time, looking at the road ahead, gazing at the stars, wondering what their smile says...

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