6 Ways to Deal with a Clever Mother-in-law

Read the following in case you are looking for clearer and lucid advice.

Dealing with a clever Mother in law
Dealing with a clever Mother in law

The biggest challenge every woman faces is if she has an aggressive slash arrogant mother-in-law. We girls are being raised by our parents with tenderness and care. Hence, we expect our in-laws to treat us the same way.

It is the biggest hypothesis that has leads into a blunder in most cases. Your mother-in-law can never love you like your own mother. These expectations usually rise after watching saas-bahu serials that are a myth in Indian Television.

Would-be brides must have definitely flipped through many magazines and surfed the internet to get answers to their questions.

This is how we have made you work easier. Read the following in case you are looking for clearer and lucid advice.

1. Be Straight-Forward

There is absolute no problem if you address to your ‘mil’ directly about your errors. Be straight forward and chat with her about what you are good at and vice versa. If you keep doing what she likes and wants you to do, you are going to be in a soup.

2. Assure Them to Fulfill Their Wishes

Another trouble arise when your ‘mil’ starts to demand grand children. This is one situation when most women do not address directly but stand quietly and nod. Incorrect move! Instead assure her to fulfill all her wishes but not sooner than whatever your current plans are. Don’t give her any false hopes. If you don’t plan to have children at all, tell her in the face (tenderly of course).

3. Don’t Let Her Baby Your Husband

This is the most annoying thing you may ever come across. Whenever your ‘mil’ babies your husband in front of you, don’t get displeased by her move. Don’t think left out or presume you have to share your man with some other woman. He is just yours. Keep quiet and show your authority on his life in other ways possible.

4. Avoid Letting Her Clashing With Your Parents

High chances are there that she might put your parents down time and again and rub your flaws in their faces. It is time to take charge and fight for them.

5. Deaf-Hear Unwanted Child Care Advice

If your ‘mil’ plans to give you unwelcomed advices on childcare, stand and listen to it keenly. But do what your heart says. This not just keeps her happy but also gives you the freedom to do whatever you desire.

6. Fly Away From Her Sight

Lastly; move out from her house as soon as possible taking in confidence your spouse. The more you stay attached to her the more chances of trouble to escalate.

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Written by Prutha Bhosle

Prutha Bhosle is peppy yet shy, urbane yet uncouth, ambitious yet indecisive, feminist yet equalist writer of WSL. She is a true fashion lover and keeps her eye on all the updated trends & city lifestyle.

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