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Daybeds: The Favourite Choice in Furniture for Their Dynamic Usage

What exactly are daybeds, and why should one buy them?

Daybeds Furniture
Source: wayfair, IKEA

Daybeds are in vogue and are sliding into people’s homes real quick. It has become a new decor trend and a popular choice since it’s all we need. But what exactly are daybeds, and why should one buy them? We have got all the answers, so keep reading.


In simpler terms, a daybed is a combination of a sofa and a bed, except that it is more spacious than a traditional sofa and doubles as both. The headrest extends on both sides of a daybed, unlike a bed. One can laze around while watching TV or take naps on it, or recline on it and stretch the muscles, it also serves as a cosy option to sit and work. A daybed is such a dynamic piece of furniture, and it reflects your personality, which can help you relax, focus, and even be yourself.

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Daybed: It’s a Bed, It’s a Sofa

Basically, they are quite the all-rounder. They can be placed anywhere in the house since they do not cover up much space, however, they are mostly placed in guest bedrooms and lounges. One can also position them in backyards or patios, for relaxing hours.

Traditionally, the daybeds are twin size, although they might come in different sizes, some of which are built to fit full-sized mattresses. Another good thing about them is that they come with enough room under them for storage. Most of the daybeds are sold with drawers underneath to stash things you want. In addition to this, if you are looking for an extra sleeping space, they also come with sliding full-sized trundles. A trundle is nothing but a two-in-one bed where another mattress is struck under the main one.


Now that you know exactly what a daybed is, let us talk about the exciting part, the decor because aesthetics are important. Unlike a standard bed, these can be decorated in various ways.

  1. Surround them with huge and stylish cushions. Pick the colours, patterns according to whatever suits your taste. Add blankets to complete the whole look.
  2. You could put on fairy lights around the frames of the bed to elevate the look and a coffee table just beside it.
  3. Some indoor plants around the bed will exude calm vibes.

Some of the places you could shop these from are IKEA, Pepperfry or also from Amazon.

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