The Dark Side of Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is widely known as the day of love. Couples spend this day with each other and share token of love to make each other’s day memorable. But do you know that there is a dark tale behind this story. And trust us it’s not that lovey-dovey stuff. Infact it’s quite dark and ugly. Keep reading to know one of the shocking things which you never knew all this time.

History of Valentine’s Day

The earliest history of Valentine ’s Day is still unknown. But many historians and scholars believe that an ancient roman festival which was celebrated during February 13th – February 15th is the origin of today’s day of love. The festival was widely known in Rome as Lupercalia. But the festival was celebrated in an extremely cruel and disgusting way. It was that cruel that because of this evil festival Christianity originated and became this strong in Rome that the actual act of this festival was christened and thus the festival was only re-enacted rather than actually celebrating them.

What is Lupercalia

Ancient Roman men with the blessings of the priests used to accumulate in a cave. The cave had some spiritual significance in their tradition. There the priests also used to be sitted in the cave. And this was the place where animal sacrifice used to be made. Goats and dogs were two specific animals that were sacrificed in the cave. Now, as per the popular tale goats were sacrificed for increasing the fertility and dogs were sacrificed for purification.

And then it began ….

And this is not all. Now, begins the cruel part of the tradition. Post the sacrifice the men used to come down. But before that they would cut the hides in the form of strips and dip those strips into the sacred blood of sacrifice. And then the matchmaking ceremony would begin. Men used to get naked and wander around in the streets. There was a matchmaking lottery ceremony done where the men used to take out the chits which would contain the name of women. And then the men first had to beat the women with those bloody hides. And you won’t believe but women welcomed the beating because they used to think that this will increase their fertility.


As the night progressed men and women used to romanticize each other and play love game to each other in front of the entire community. And then this would continue either the whole night or even till days. And when it would continue till days then that means that the couple is aiming towards marriage.

Way Forward …

And finally after many years when the act became more and more cruel some and inhuman then the Popes came in and banished the whole act in the name of Jesus. And the entire cruel act was diminished only the matchmaking lottery ceremony remained and till date the same is celebrated in remote parts of Rome. But now a days this is observed at very few places and the ceremony is limited to villages only.

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