Cuddle on the weekends – romantic movies for Sunday

Each one of us may have our own personal list of favorite romantic movies that we like to cuddle up with on a Saturday evening, a perfect time for relaxation and fond memories. Here is a list of movies (in no particular order) that you may not have seen are yet truly beautiful and romantic

50 1st dates

When you know a movie has Adam Sandler, you may take it lightly, thinking it is just a light-hearted comedy with a lot of goofing around. But this one movie takes you from happy to sad in so many ways that’s still humorous in a truly Adam Sandler way. A fun-filled absolutely adorable movie that traces 50 1st dates with the same woman!

Kate and Leopold

Hugh Jackman is our own favorite bad boy, with his brilliant character as ‘wolverine’. But there is an intensely sensitive and romantic side to him too. Paired with Meg Ryan and years between them, this time travelling romance can woo almost everyone. A must watch.

Ten things I hate about you

The title is not very misleading, but the movie is so much more. One of Heath Ledger’s best performances in this genre, the movie has a progressive intensity that is very well-played. A college love affair but handled with much maturity. Don’t miss this one


When love encounters tragedy, and yet lives amidst all the dying hope. Get ready to cry through all the two hours and yet feel beautiful about love. The innocence portrayed by the characters will break your heart again and again, with a sprinkling of the supernatural.


When Will Smith is in love, you just have to watch him go crazy. This is a contemporary love-affair, and a light-hearted love story. If you want to have a few laughs along with falling in love all over again, this movie is a perfect blend of both.

Just like heaven

Do you believe in love which is fated to be? And what happens when something goes wrong in fates plan? The movie has its share of fun and humor as it portrays characters who are very different yet who meet in a very strange way. There is some ingenuity in the way the story has been written, and yet it makes for a perfect love story

While you were sleeping

This is one Sandra Bullock love story that I can watch repeatedly. What happens when the man of your dreams, is remarkably different from the man you actually want to be with. It happens to a lot of us dreamers don’t you think? It’s a dilemma you have to see her deal with, yet in a much light-hearted manner.

What do you think?

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