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Covid Vaccine: Can Women Get Vaccinated After Delivery?

New mothers are at a higher risk for contracting diseases rather than women who aren’t pregnant or lactating.

A woman can get vaccinated against covid-19 anytime after the delivery, said healthcare experts. As the spread of COVID-19 increases, more groups are getting affected; each group must get involved in the covid vaccine drive. But, because of the shortage of vaccines, it is not possible to vaccinate such a huge population.

It is known that people with low immunity, comorbidities and women who are pregnant and new mothers are especially at risk when it comes to the disease. New mothers are at a higher risk for contracting diseases rather than women who aren’t pregnant or lactating. But, recent studies have revealed that women can get safely vaccinated even after delivery.

Covid Vaccine
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Studies conducted in Western countries have revealed that pregnant and lactating women can now safely get vaccinated for COVID-19. It was earlier speculated that women who are pregnant or new mothers can get adverse side effects of the vaccine and thus, mustn’t get themselves vaccinated. But, it has all been disproved now. 

In India, though, it is allowed only for women who have delivered, studies and trials are underway for pregnant women. The government recently allowed vaccination for lactating mothers. The NITI Aayog Member (Health) has stressed that there is no problem in breastfeeding after vaccination, and it must not be halted “even for an hour”.

Let’s now see what all pointers do we need to keep in mind when vaccinating women who have delivered.

1. Available Covid Vaccines

In India, the available vaccines are Covishield, Covaxin and Sputnik V. These vaccines have passed the necessary safety tests and have also passed WHO’s standard of efficiency. But, we must keep in mind that none of the clinical trials has been performed on lactating mothers yet. But, according to WHO, these vaccines are safe to use and don’t involve any contraindications for women who are breastfeeding.

2. Breastfeeding Children

It was being speculated that getting the COVID-19 vaccine will hamper milk production in women. But, again, it has been shown that there is no such correlation and women can safely breastfeed their children before and after vaccination.

The good news is that women can even provide COVID-19 antibodies to their babies after vaccination, thus offering them natural immunity.

3. Fertility in Women

Another news doing the rounds was that women who get vaccinated may face problems with fertility and other gynaecological problems. We also came across messages that were circulating false information that menstruating women mustn’t get vaccinated at all as it may affect their cycles. But, it is important not to give in to speculations and get yourself vaccinated as it doesn’t hamper your fertility or reproduction. Doctors said that reports from the British Fertility Centre and other associations have clearly stated that the vaccine does not cause any fertility issues.

4. When can the covid vaccine be taken after delivery? 

Another question that comes to mind is how soon can a woman take the vaccine after delivery? There is no specific period, but women must be healthy and doing well before getting vaccinated. They must get plenty of rest, eat well beforehand and give a heads-up to their doctor before getting jabbed if they feel that there might be any contraindications or side effects of the vaccine.

So, these are some of the important facts that women must keep in mind who have delivered a baby. The above information will ensure that she has a safe vaccination and can overcome the COVID-19 for herself and her baby.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article should not be considered as a substitute for a piece of physician advice. Please consult your physician before taking the vaccine.

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